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9 Simple (Important) Reasons to carryout Audiometry Test for your employees - To save your business loss

Benefits of “Audiometry test’’

Though your workers are subjected to a high, loud noise levels, simply suggesting to a management for the requirements of “Audiometry test” without describing the benefits will never give you the success,

Before you are submitting a report to the management for the requirements of audiometry test, it’s important to check whether the “benefits of audiometry tests” are listed

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How the audiometry tests will be carried out

9 Reasons and Benefits of an audiometry test:

1. Audiometry tests are helps to identify the pre-existing hearing damage to the workers to exclude them prior to recruitment's

2. Audiometry tests are useful to identify the new hearing damage, develops from the exposure to high noise levels.

2.If the workers are founded with the new hearing damage, it allows the exclusion of the particular workers from high noisy operations prior to further damage.

4.It allows for the investigation of reasons for the loud noise and to rectify the situation or condition to reduce the risk

5.The identification workers with hearing damage helps to confirm that the noise hazards are exist in the workplace

6.Helps to manage the civil claims when the worker  sues for the hearing loss or damage
It fulfills the legal requirements required by the local regulations

7.Satisfy the requirements of insurance companies and other interested third parties

8.Reduces the unnecessary business loss through controlled civil claims, sick leave, and absence rate.

9.Increase the profit rate of companies through the increased productivity, enhanced employee morale and high profile corporate image.

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