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Introduction to vibration safety with real time examples

Introduction to vibration Safety

The “Vibration safety” is an element which every safety practitioner should knew, particularly if your employees are employed in any of these below mentioned activities it is important to update here with,

The Occupations giving rise to exposure to whole body vibration:

  • The Drivers of dumper truck, Fork lift, agricultural tractors
  • The Machine operator with sitting or standing position

The Occupations Giving rise to Hand-arm vibration:

  • The Drilling machine operator
  • Workers working with concrete breakers
  • The persons using hammers most frequently
  • The workers using any powered tools

Real time Example for vibration Safety:

Vibration safety is general and not restricted to any industry, for example if we are travelling in a bus in a poorly maintained road,

  • The standing operator is exposed to whole body vibration , where the vibration travels through their legs
  • A sitting driver & passengers are exposed to whole body vibration through their “buttocks”

In a same situation, the driver also exposed to the hand arm vibration through steering, if it is poorly designed without anti-vibration mountings.

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