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Expert Guide to : unsafe act and unsafe conditions with examples

Unsafe act and unsafe conditions – experts Guide

When it comes to workplace safety " The unsafe act and unsafe conditions" are playing a critical role in the number of accidents. 

There are thousands of definitions and examples of the unsafe act and unsafe conditions, that available on the Internet. 

I Knew, that you are curious and looking for some of the reliable information which you can believe without any doubts. 

If You are the curious safety learner, looking for the simple guidance on "Unsafe act and unsafe conditions" 

This post is made for You!

"The Statistics says 80 % Industrial accidents are caused wholly or partially by the human error"

The Accidents are occurring for a number of reasons, however  Irrespective of the type of accidents, there is a range of unsafe actions and unsafe conditions that exist behind every incident that occurs in the workplace. 

For Example :

Imagine the road accident that occurs in day to day situation. 

Do the accidents occurs without any reasons behind, 


If You think little, You will find there are certain unsafe activities of the driver and unsafe conditions (Of the road or vehicle) that caused the accidents, 


Unsafe activities are the actions of the person, which is possible or certainly leads to accidents or increase the risk of accidents. 

Unsafe conditions are the condition of equipment or environment that is considered to be unsafe and possibly leads to an accident in a workplace. 

You Can find the detailed explanations with examples below :

It’s not a big deal to know the difference between unsafe act and unsafe condition, but if you are looking for a carrier towards health and safety profession, you should be familiar with,

The Difference between unsafe act and unsafe conditions are quite easy, simply it can be understood by their phrase itself,

Unsafe act:

Any activity or way of performing the task, which should be considered us unsafe and possibly which may increase the chances of accidents occur, and there is a chance to results in an injury to the employees, damage to the equipment’s and to the environment where the work to be carried out.

For example:

Everyone is having an experience in driving a bike, here with this scenario some of the unsafe acts are,

  • Driving a bike which is found to be faulty 
  • Driving a bike without suitable competence and training 
  • Driving a bike without following traffic codes 
  • Driving a bike with harsh speed 
  • Turning without using indicators 
  • Riding a bike without using helmet 
  • Riding the bike without headlamp 
  • Riding a bike on a slope with increase speed 
  • Parking an bike in a sloping and unstable ground 
  • Parking an bike in a way which obscures the emergency exits 

If you are looking for a concept of unsafe act with workplace examples here you can see,
  • Operating an equipment without competence 
  • Operating a machine, which is found to be faulty 
  • Removing the safety devices such as machine guard 
  • Operating a machine with over speed beyond safe limit 

Unsafe conditions

Mostly the unsafe conditions arise from unsafe activity, to understand the concept of unsafe condition first we should know the definition of unsafe conditions,

Definition of unsafe conditions:

Any situation or condition (physical, chemical Mechanical, biological, electrical, environmental) which increases both the probability of accidents occurring and the severity of accidents if occur.

And possibly any condition or situation which may lead to, 
  • Injury to employees 
  • Damage to equipment’s 
  • Damage to environment Example: Polluting effects 

With the same example of “driving a bike” we shall see some examples of unsafe conditions,

  • Bike without brake 
  • Bike without rear mirror 
  • Missing of rear mirror in the bike 
  • Adverse weather conditions while driving (Ex: Rain) 
  • Blind corners exist in a road 
  • Pit holes, changes in surface levels (which is not highlighted), steep gradients in the road 
  • Lack of speed governor to control speed 
  • Bike without indicators 
  • The bike stands on loose soil 
  • The obscured emergency exit with the parked bike etc. 

If you are looking for unsafe condition examples here you can see,

  • The Damaged electrical insulation in wires 
  • Machine without guard 
  • Spillage of oil in the walkway 
  • The blocked or locked emergency exit 
  • The improper storage of flammable chemicals in direct sunlight 
  • The expired fire extinguisher 
  • The machine producing excessive noise 
  • The stagnant water which produces fungi, bacteria etc. 
  • Excessive lighting which produces glare in the workplace 

The Conclusion is that

  • The unsafe activity is related to the way of doing the task, 
  • The unsafe conditions are related to the equipment’s, environment, situation exist during the task.

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