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Safe Emergency Escape routes - Standards & Guidelines

How to confirm that the Emergency escape routes in your Company is safe & confirm with the standards?

Simply check out the below mentioned points & their compliance with your existing escape Routes!

Emergency escape routes are the most important thing, which needs to be suitable and sufficient to ensure that all your employees can able to escape from their work location to the total place of safety without any risk including physically challenged persons !

Suitability with No Of Occupants :

Before you gonna check the compliance with your emergency escape routes it's important to consider the number of occupants in the workplace, which includes ,

  • The Number Of Contractors 
  • The Involvements of people with special needs such as physically challenged persons ,pregnant ladies
  • The Possible interference of public, especially if the work is near to the public areas. 
  • The Potential visitors , which shall be assessed  normally by the previous visitors log.
The statistics says that , most of the industries fails to provide sufficient number of emergency escape routes suits to the potential number of occupants which resulted in increased fire risk!

Suitability to the Plant layout :

To confirm that your emergency escape routes are sufficient , it is important to look at the plant lay out , which sometimes require to increase the number of escape routes , 

For example . If your company has a warehouse in  the end of  your plant , It's important to provide separate escape irrespective of number of employees works with . 

The special needs of Occupants :

It's a legal requirements almost in all the countries , to provide a suitable safe means of escape for everyone involved in the workplace which includes the physically challenged persons 

It's not simply, expecting them to follow the same route and escape procedures which others follow & use. 

So Ensure that , 

If there is a involvement of peoples with special needs in your workplace , the special needs are provided such as special evacuation lift,escape chairs etc.

The Design & Construction Of Emergency Escape routes:

Its important to consider the following factors before you design & construct an escape routes 

such as , 

  • The Construction of emergency escape routes with fire resistant materials 
  • The surface of escape routes are suitable , and does not cause the person using the escape routes to slip , fall 
  • Any linings used in the escape routes are non-combustible & fire resistant 
  • There is no projections , obstructions , changes in surface level which may create a risk to persons 
  • The escape routes are protected from fire and smoke to ensure the occupants shall escape freely 
  • The width of the escape routes are sufficient to allow the ease of movement during emergency including for wheel chair users 

Emergency exit Doors :

The Emergency exit doors are 

  • Clearly marked with the visible signs , to ensure the exit doors are easily identified
  • The fire exit doors are opens in the way of travel to permit the safe evacuation of occupants
  • The access to the emergency exit doors from the workplace are available and free from obstructions 
  • The Fire exit doors are not locked or blocked

Fire retardant paints and solutions :

Ensure that any paints and solutions are used in the emergency escape routes are fire retardant and shall not contribute to the spreading of fire and smoke 

When there are two or more emergency exits in the premises ,

Ensure that they are leads to separate place of safety or assembly points to avoid overcrowding 

Provision of Emergency lighting :

During emergency there is a risk of power failure , which leads to failure of lighting installations and may interfere with the safe escape from the premises, 

So it is important to provide the alternative emergency lighting systems such as the lighting which operates by using alternative power source / portable torches 

Its is important to provide safe emergency lightning , to ensure the escape routes are clearly identified and the employees can travel safely to total place of safety 

Provision of Exit signs :

Most of the times the occupants are left in risk due to , unfamiliar with the safe escape routes to be followed or got confused with the number of doors and exit points involved in the travel routes, 

So the risk needs to be reduced with the provision of clear & standard signs with the direction symbols towards the next escape route to be followed 

If there is any involvements of passage ways , doors along the exit access , where the employee may gets confused should be clearly marked with "Not an Exit signs"

The Signs used must be with the use of standard pictographs to overcome the barriers of literacy and to identify by ease of sight 

Ensure that all the signs in the workplace are properly illuminated 

Once again check that the , 

  • The Emergency escape routes are free from any flammable & combustible materials and there is no decorations which may increase a risk 
  • The escape routes are maintained with out any surface defects and 
  • There is no temporary or permanent storage of materials which may hide or block the escape routes 
  • The escape routes are routed to avoid the areas through high risk areas 

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