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Practical Guide : What is audiometry test and how it is carried out

What is “audiometry test”

Audiometry test is a one the method used in health surveillance program to check for the hearing sensitivity of person across range of frequencies.

How the audiometry test will be carried out:

  • Usually the audiometry tests are carried out in a sound proof booth to  reduce the disturbance’s from the external noise,
  • In that the worker is provided with the head phones , which delivers the beep sound with range of different frequencies
  • Every time , when the beep sound arises , the workers is asked to indicate whether the sound is heard or not
  • In this way, the audiometry test is carried out to identify the effects on hearing ability from the exposure to loud noise.

When the audiometry tests needs to be carried out:

To be an a safer side, the audiometry tests needs to be carried out on the following times,

  • Once the person employed , to check for preexisting damage
  • At regular intervals, which may mentioned in the local regulations
  • In a situation , when the workers complaints the pain in the ears or the reduced hearing ability
  • After any civil claims by the employee get affected, which helps to confirm both whether the condition raised by their occupation and to check no other employees are at risk.

Who should Carry out an audiometry test:

  • Audiometry tests should be only carried out by a trained And competent persons,
  • In a situation where there is a doubt , referring to an authorized medical practitioner is preferable

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