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4 Types of Underground Scanning Devices that you should know – Excavation Safety

The Excavation (Digging ) works are more prone to risks from underground services, through accidental cut/crush to underground services will leads to fatality,

Hum Detector:


Detects the Magnetic field radiated by the live cables, which have a current flowing through them.

The disadvantage of hum detector:

The Cables with little or no current cannot be detected, so only suitable to detect the live cables/conductors.

Radiofrequency Detector:

Receives the low-frequency radio signals, which may be picked up and re-emitted by the cables.


Objects other than the cables, may re-radiate the signal and be detected

Metal Detector:

  • Used to locate the metal covers and joint boxes 
  • Useful to find the connections locations, to connect the transmitter-receiver detectors.

May not detect the round cables

Transmitter-Receiver Detector:

The Connection points for the transmitter is identified by using the metal detector.

First, the signal is induced into a cable by the transmitter, which is connected either to a cable or placed close to it. 

The receiver detects the signal, whereby the route of the cable can be identified.

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