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Excavation safety OSHA Standards - The Ultimate Guide

Remembering safety Concepts with standards will be difficult, especially when you are a student, here I have let you some excellent tips, which you can use to remember the Excavation safety OSHA Standards.


A Qualified and Competent person must inspect the Excavation/trench before starting the work and throughout the work in progress to confirm the safety. 


To reduce the risk of falling of objects, materials, dislodging of soil into the excavation, the materials and removed soil must be kept away at least 2 Feet away from the excavation edges.


The Ladders used inside the excavation/trench must extend at least 3 feet above the top of the trench/excavation to provide an adequate handhold. 


  • When the Excavation or trench is more than 4 feet depth, the safe means of access/egress must be provided such as ladders, stairways etc. 
  • When the Excavation is 4 feet or more than 4 feet the atmosphere must be tested for the chances of oxygen deficiency & presence of hazardous fumes and gases. 


The Excavation less than 5 feet in depth, do not require the protective systems if the competent person determined and confirms there is no potential for cave-ins.


The walkways provided over the excavation which is more than 6 feet, must be fitted with the standard Guardrails.

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