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Why Your Workplace Safety Never Works Out the Way You Plan

Health and safety, the most critical and lovable department which works to safeguard the employees who work for you and shows you are the person capable of doing the business in a right way.

Health and safety of your employees not only reducing your business losses but more than that, It shows you value the person working for you and create a moral, loyalty among your employees also it increases your corporate value.

But Is it easier to achieve the high standards of workplace safety? ??

No, Isn't?  ??

If you are person becoming confused about "Why Your Workplace Safety Never Works Out the Way I Plan " this article is for you.

Reason 1: The workers don't understand 

Nope, It's not mean the same, to drive a positive safety culture, and to increase your safety standards you must understand the workers.

Of course, each worker is not same, but their expectations will be common, particularly when it comes to health and safety.

It does not mean that to do everything, what the workers ask, but It means to listen, analyse and consider their concerns.

Unless the workers are motivated to follow safety standards, we unable to reach the high health and safety performance.

Reason 2: Zero accidents is my only target 

The Second reason for the failure of your workplace safety may, the unclear targets & goals relates to the Health and Safety. 

Yes, of course, we are working towards zero accidents, but the goals should be set in the way which follows the SMART principles. 

Blindly shouting zero accidents will never work out.

Unless you know, what is your goal?

Towards which you will move,  we unable to reach the target.

So set the goal which is measurable, achievable, but remember it should be Challenging too. 

For Example Reduction of 10 % manual handling injuries in six months. 

Reason 3: Everyone is responsible for Safety 

Yes everyone is responsible safety, but for which they are responsible. Unless we are setting the clear roles and responsibilities for everyone in the organisation, we unable to reach the high level of safety performance.

So make sure each category of employees are familiar with their own roles and responsibilities related to Health and Safety. 

Reason 4: I won't Invest & but I Expect

I mean the " unreliable resources "

Health and safety cost money, Health and safety is not a thing which we can get without any costs. 

But, I assure, the right plan and right HSMS can increase your business and corporate image more than the expectation which you have in mind right now. 

So for the high standards of health and safety performance and increased corporate image, we should invest into safety, there is no other way. 

Reason 5: I invest in Safety slogans 

Yes, of course, the display of safety slogans will show that you are investing in safety, but the high standards of health and safety cannot be attained by the slogans. 

It must be carefully planned and practised until it becomes your permanent culture. 

Slogans will never show to workers that you are caring them because they are the one who knows how you behave related to safety. 

Even a single incident, where you compromise for a production, in peak times, they lose their moral.

Reason 6: I won't measure, but I invest 

Health and safety departments are the cost-effective and always profitable investments when it planned and executed in a right way. 

Measuring your performance such as reduction in accidents, absenteeism, criminal fines, civil claims, staff turnover is essential. 

But before measuring check out  " YOU HAVE A COMPETENT PERSON WHO KNOWS WELL "

Reason 7: I tried a lot, But no one will follow safety 

Safety is not similar to production, where we can replace the workers with the machine when they follow, but it's a thing where we need to deal with everything workers, electrical, mechanical, environmental hazards, noise, radiation etc. 

So I understand you have tried a lot, but safety is not an issue, which we can reach in a day, It requires a time and continuous efforts. 

So be confident, that you can!  

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