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3 scientific Reasons, why the birds are not getting electrocuted when they are sitting on power lines

Why does a human gets electrocuted while standing on a power line while a bird doesn't?

Do the Birds are having a amazing power  ?? 


Do they specially blessed by god ??

Here the Answers for your Queries ..

The Concept is simple and can be easily understood when you focus a little. 

 The Fact  No 1 : 

The Circuit is not completed

The Circuit needs to be completed in order to the current flow.

The Condition is that , 

The Current will flow when we are in contact with the current source and earth or earthed objects at the same time. 

Simply for the current flow , the current source , conductor (Path) and return circuit (Earth / earthed object) is essential.

Here in this situation when the birds are sitting on the power lines , the circuit is incomplete, so they won't get electrocuted. 

The Fact No 2 : 

There is no potential Difference 

The current always flows from the higher potential to the lower potential , so the concept is for the electricity to flow there must be a potential difference. 

When the birds are sitting & both legs are on a single power line, there will be no potential difference , so the current will not flow. 

The Fact No 3 :

The Current will always choose a path of least resistance 

For understanding :

The Same principle which we are using for earthing , where the least resistance wire is connected to central area of machine , which has the least resistance compared to any other components of machine. 

When there is a leakage, the fault current will flow through the earthing wire instead of machine components.

So here with this bird scenario :

The Electrons will always choose a path of least resistance , similar like a person takes short cuts to reach the area instead of the straight road with number of barriers. 

When the birds are sitting in a power line, the electrons has a two options 

  • Either it can pass through bird (high resistance)
  • Through conducting wire  (Least resistance)
In this two options , the electrons will always prefer a route of metal or conducting wire , instead of birds feet which offers the higher resistance.

When the bird will get electrocuted :

  • If the bird touch the ground while sitting on the wire  (Completeness of circuit )
  • If the Bird touch the another electrical wire with a different voltage ( Presence of potential Difference)

When the above mentioned conditions are met , the birds are become a path for the electricity to reach the ground or a place of different voltage (Potential).

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