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11 Signs,you are going to be an Great Safety Expert

Great, You have proved your Intention to becoming an expert and That's the prime to becoming an expert.

Now a Days,most of the professionals and students from different academic background were starting their career into an Health and Safety Field.

Starting an Career and Getting an Job with satisfied income, is not mean that you have owned your life and you have achieved the things you have expected.

Normally the people tend to underestimate them, and we never realize the things we have learned already and their Importance.

Over the past few years, I Got trained, Given a training's, Discussed with a bundle of HSE Professionals, I blogged , Chatted with the friends and Listened on various social medias and finally i realized something, that most of the HSE Professionals they Knew a lot compared to what they think they are,

So, Here i have listed you the "11 Great Signs, you are Going to be an Safety Expert"

You are a Goose ?

Yes, The Real safety Professionals will never tend to be overconfident on their existing knowledge, and  even if they are experienced a lot, they tend to read , ask and update on an regular manner.

They will ask and seek advice, when they are not familiar with something, they do knew their limitations of skills.

They will never hesitate to be an goose for an moment rather than to be an goose forever.

You Believe:

The Real safety Experts will believe that irrespective of the situations in the company / Industry , all the accidents are preventable and even they do every actions with full trust on them. 

They never doubt / complain their situation / Company / Environment they are into.

You "Break the ICE "

If you are a person, wish to initiate the things without any fear and if you are into an HSE Profession, than No doubt you are meant to be an Safety expert. 

Achieving something into health and safety is not like running an old music and lyrics, that requires the great initiation and leadership to advise, assist and safeguard others.

You are Hungrier?

If you are never overfilled and reading everything you find in Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn related to safety, Probably by now or at least in a year you will know 60% of information, what the average professionals will not Knew. 

If You are Hungrier always, than i can assure you that you will be.

You Do have More Credentials:

The Successful people in any field, are crazy on reading and updating themselves with the information's, Even i have experienced with the professionals, who were appearing for an exam and undertaking an courses even after their 60.

Safety Experts will never shout that they are experts and Instead they will prove by taking authority credentials like NEBOSH Diploma , CSP etc.

You Can Demonstrate Your Expertise:

The Safety experts will never hide their expertise and they never wait for proving so, also they do never read and leave the things as it is. 

Instead they will apply and try out the superb controls for the real time issues at the workplace. 

If You are more curious on applying new safety strategies in the workplace, than No doubt you are an expert.

You love Critics:

Being into an HSE Field, from safety officers to the safety managers everyone should come after the thousands of critics every day. 

Even You may experienced the critics from the subordinates and workers. 

The Real safety experts knows, the critics are the way of communication of issues and it will show the way of changing strategies too. 

They will never get hurt-ted by the critics and they won't take it personally, Instead they will analyse , find out and raise up.

If you love critics and you have faced enough things, You mean't to be an expert Now. 

You Never Trust on PPE :

The PPE will never prevent an accidents and even in cases they lead to accidents (Simply like an helmet hiding an rear &side views) . 

The Real safety experts will never consider the PPE as prime for controlling risks instead they will check for more effective options.

 You believe "Workers are the King" 

Till the shop floor employees realize the importance of safety, the accidents will never get prevented, the real safety experts will understand a lot and device more strategies to influence the workers behavior. 

They will never show an authority to their workers and Experts will make them to realize "They are their own assets"

You are Passionate :

The Successful people will never get satisfied by an income and all those peoples who succeeded are did with Passion.

The Passionate people will love their field. and they do everything for only their internal Satisfaction and they will feel refreshed when ever learning a new tip / strategy.

If you do same, the you may probably guessed who you are ?

Conclusion : If you do have Two or more qualities above mentioned, you  meant to be an Safety Expert.

What other qualities that the safety experts would have, Leave your Opinions in Comments


  1. Wonderful article.....Thanks for the info.... From reading this I came to know that even I too have most of the qualities to be a SAFETY EXPERT and will the develop the the qualification and qualities needed..... Thans once again.

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  3. Thank You for Your Comments Mohammed. Happy to receive Your Comments in my blog.

  4. Your writing are very simple and to the point.. many phrases we can co-relates with what we are doing currently and kindle where to move further..inspiring and commendable...keep doing good work..thanks


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