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Share your HSE Knowledge to the World and No More barriers for your Passion & Talent


My self Kannan Makino, Being Passionate on HSE Learning, Blogging and Training.

www, is founded with an intention to establish a common platform for HSE Professionals & to share the HSE Information.

How Can i Join with Your Blog : 

You can join with me with your Own interest, and you do post your own HSE Experience as an Post, which will reach 10000+ HSE Professional across the world.

Instead of keeping your Knowledge dumped, you can share your HSE Knowledge with others, and you can create your own authority for your professionalism. 

Keeping connected with People and Writing & practicing an HSE as your Hobby, will enhance your Personal & Professional Growth. 

At the  end, you will be amazed on Your Change. 

What is the Benefit :

There are number of social platforms where you can share your Knowledge but, in a time your posts & messages will be hided by others and at last your messages will not be there any more.


Here with Our Blog,  we are dedicated to HSE and we ensure your blogs and posts are maintained with high integrity.

Also Our Blog design will ensure all our Professional posts are visited once a day.

How I can Establish my Own authority :

Once you have accompanied with Me, Your Email will be connected with our blog as an Author and Your Picture will be Displayed in a Team. 

For every post you are publishing, your picture with professional bio will be displayed to the public and visitors. 

There is no need to  emphasize, the visitors may from the HSE Students to the senior HSE Professionals, to whom you will be known. 

Do there Any Rules to be Followed : 

It doesn't rule, Its called as an ethic that every writers should follow, Every readers are entering into the blog with an intention to learn something new.

and the message you are sharing to the world should be worthy, also we should maintain our blog value, so, Its highly recommended to,

  • Write a topic by your own and Do not simply copy from other websites 
  • Add your Experience / Knowledge in to the content
  • At the end make sure you have shared , what you intended 

Am Not Experienced in HSE / Blogging ? 

No One became an expert without try and failures, If you try today, you will learn something new, and If you skip the things, you will never learn anything new and one day you will loose your value among competitive world.

I will Guide you from each stage of your writing Process and there is no restriction to write a post about, you can write in any topic from, 

  • How to become a safety Officer to How to become an Safety Expert. 
You can also write your Own Experience Of accidents and The Tips to Pass Common exams like NEBOSH.

If You need a support, I will Guide you in each stage of your Post from the selection of Title to compiling your Conclusion.

Am not Good in Writing, How Can i Connect :

It's simple, You can subscribe our Blog and 
  • You can comment your Opinions and Views in every HSE Posts 
  • Also you can Suggest the Topic you want our team to write 
Its Really Great, to respond the writers with no expectations. 

Whats the Process of Writing a Post :

  • Drop a Message either in Post / Facebook to Kannan Makino to show your Intention to write / Comment. 
  • Analyse your Strong areas in HSE and decide the Topic to write 
  • Get to Learn from different websites and Books on the Topic Your are Writing 
  • Prepare an Draft Copy and Forward to kannanmakino@gmail,com 
  • Once the Draft Copy received, You will find an suggestions to improve 
  • If Finalized, Get your Author Post on your Email & Publish & Enjoy the feel of Being passionate on HSE . 

I suggest you to read this below link for Clarity 

Looking towards your messages.

Feel Free to contact for any Queries with me through :

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