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  1. Replies
    1. Hi Mr, Bharat Kumar, Happy to see your comments on my blog,
      Thanks for your Query,
      You can Publish all your Doubts over here!
      I shall try to give you the instant answers!

    2. Hi Mr Bharat Kumar , I have also Received your Message Regarding the question about "" the equipment/tool should be on PAT schedule" as a control measure for every electrically powered machine or tool? and Does it the requirement of International Standards"

      Simply the answer is :

      1. Portable appliance testing methods are specially for Portable tools, and the requirement will not include every electrically powered Machine Tools.

      2. Also There is no exact mentioning of "PAT Test" in legal requirements, How ever the PAT Testing having an important role in identifying the defects and defect patterns in the electrical equipment's in earlier stages.

      3. How ever every employer having an general legal duty that "All the electrical equipment's should be maintained in safe condition and No employee should be electrocuted / exposed to live conductors at work.

      4. In case If any electrical accidents happened at work site, the employer will have an legal impact , even though it is not directly proscribed in law. (Because of Common Duty)

      5. We could not expect everything directly mentioned in legal, because most of the regulations are "Goal setting type" which requires the employer to maintain the high standards in their own way.

      6. Unless and Until and incidents happens it is ok , But If the PAT Test is not conducted the likelihood of accidents will automatically Increase.

      7. If You are asking in a examination point of view " You Can add the Point of "pat testing" for every portable electrical equipment's.

      Hope you will be clear Now, If any doubts feel free to use my comments Box Again!

  2. I have 1 year Diploma in fire and safety from SMU (Sikkim Manipal University ) distance education.
    Do I eligible for Nebosh IGC.

    1. Hi, Thanks for your Comments on my Blog,

      For Doing NEBOSH IGC, There is no set of eligibility criteria.

      Any One Can do NEBOSH IGC? But Make sure you are doing with the accredited Course Provider.

      Do with time and There is no substitute for hard work too.

      All the very best for your NEBOSH IGC , and during preparation if you do have any doubts, drop your comments again.

      Am happy to support you, all the times.

      Kannan Makino
      HSE Engineer & Trainer.

  3. Thank you very much for clearing my doubt regarding PAT
    I have still some confusion regarding factors and cause which I have already asked..You have cleared it too..Most of the concept is clear..But one more example will clear my doubt completely
    I want an answer regarding factors that may lead to Occupational stress..And causes of occupational stress
    I got this doubt because in the book I was given it was given
    All these were. Given as causes
    But what I feel is these should should come under factors
    Please clarify and correct me if I am wrong

    1. Dear Bharat Kumar,Thanks for your Continuous comments on Blog, Which will help everyone to understand the concepts.

      We could not simply differentiate the "Causes" and "Factors" by single answer.

      The Answer will vary depends on the full question Only.

      For Example : There are three types of questions
      1. Outline the factors that may affect the Millage of Bike"
      2.Outline the causes of reduced Mileage in the bike?
      3.Outline the factors that influencing the mileage of Bike?
      More over the answer for all the questions come similar, but how ever there will be an slight difference in the way of answering
      For Example:
      The Answer for Question 1:
      The Factors affecting mileage is the design criteria, maintenance, road conditions,speed of travel etc.
      The Answer for Question 2 Is :
      There are typical causes for reduced mileage in the bike such as poor design of bike,Excessive speeding that results in over fuel consumption, Poor maintenance of bike that reducing engine performance, and the poor road conditions increasing the required horse power etc.

      Answer for third Question is :
      The Factors that may influencing the mileage of bike are
      1.The Nature of design and the manufacturing : Properly designed bike will give good mileage
      2.The Level Of maintenance of Bike, where as an poor maintenance resulting in reduced mileage
      3.The Speed of travel ; where as the excessive speeding will have impact on fuel consumption
      4.The Road conditions ; where as the good road conditions will require low horse power and will take minimal fuel consumption.

      Hope You are clear now, Still you are doubt , Use the comment box am ready to clear at any time.

      All the very best for your Exams.

  4. One more thing I forgot to ask
    Should there be any difference in the way of answering the questions " factors influencing something" "factors leading to something"
    I am asking this because for influence I guess I can write both pissitive and negative
    But for leading to a consequence I guess I should write only about the negative influence..But if I write like that it would become cause or my answer will be same as it would be for " causes"
    Please don't mind for eating ur brain.I desperately want to clear this concept..I know presenting the answer has lot to with getting marks..I am sorry if I am irritating you

    1. Hey Buddy, Really am so happy on helping you and Your Presence makes my blog beautiful.

      I will give you the example of your Question it self,

      If the Question asked :

      Outline the factors / Causes that leading to excessive stress in the workplace ?

      The Answer would be

      1. The excessive demands of the work, where as the person unable to meet the job requirements
      2.The Poor relationship among the colleagues, that result in severe form of bullying, harassment etc.
      3.The Poorly designed work patterns that require working at unsociable hours
      4.The uncomfortable environment that contains excessive heat , noise and poor lighting etc. etc etc.

      If the question asked :

      Outline the factors that influencing the Stress level among the workers?

      Than the answer would be : (Tip : Be generic)

      1.The Demands : The Properly matched job requirements with comparison to skill sets will result in reduced stress , where as the poor job design will increase the stress level
      2.The Relationship among the colleagues: The Colleagues with with positive attitude and environment free from bullying and violence will have reduced stress level , where as the poor relationship result in excessive stress at workplace
      3.The Environmental Conditions : The Poorly designed environment with excessive noise , heat will increase the stress, where as the comfortable environment will contribute to reduced stress level.

      Hope You are clear Brother, Feel free to use the comment box again! :-)

  5. Can I write " lack of supervision" or "absence of supervision". For "factors leading" to type questions?
    Or should I write only that "supervision" as the factor?
    For factors influencing I am sure that I should only mention " supervision" in the answer

    1. Brother, You Have Good Understanding
      Causes are the : Reasons behind the Outcomes
      In Influencing Factors : You can write Both Positive and Negative influences with the title of Keywords.

      The Last question "with the word of supervision" is not clear, please complete the question.

      Please Ask with the Example type of question, so that it would be clear for me to answer!

      Feel Free to use the box!

  6. It means that for the questions factors leading to stress and causes of stress..The presentation of the answer is same..If this is the case I am happy ..My concept is clear..Thank you so much.Thanks a ton

    One more question for what all equipments/ tools I should/should not write CE approved STD?
    I am asking this because I want to use this PAT and CE for every question related to safety measures or Ctrl measures
    Can I use? Do I have any restrictions?

    1. Dear Bharat, Seems You do have Bundle of doubts with You, Don't Worry, It's common for everyone while doing IGC.

      CE Marking is established to break the trade barriers outside European region, which means the product manufacturer confirms that the product meets the supply law.

      How ever Affixing CE Marking alone will not confirm the Quality or Safety Standards of the Product.

      So do not use that as an control , unless the questions about "Factors to be considered while purchasing equipment's"

      Also Please Do Not Prepare the generic points that meets all questions, surely your marks will get reduced and you couldn't achieve Good marks.

      Check the Examiner Reports in the NEBOSH Website and Get the Question Banks from the Course Providers, Give concentration to each question.

      Question Interpretation is the important criteria to Pass NEBOSH , Especially NEBOSH GC 2.

      All the Very Best, Feel Free to use the Comment Box for further Doubts! :-)

  7. Hi sir,
    My name is joy paroi.I working as a electrician in Singapore. I have completed my diploma in Electrical Engineering. Now I want to build my career as a safety personnel. So I decided to do NEBOSH IGC Course in Singapore but I have less confidencce to do that.For I want to sit for IGC 1 first so I decided to do self prepared than go to a course provider. Now I downloaded RRC international book a(a course provider of UK)and print out and study myself. If you provide some course materials and some guidelines how to study.I will be greatful to you.
    Thanks again

    1. Dear Sharing NEBOSH Materials would result in the violation of copy rights and even sometimes result in legal actions. I could not help you out for those Kinds.

      How ever am so happy to receive your comment that you are enrolling NEBOSH IGC , Start Your Preparation and am here always to clear your Doubts as a brother.

      My Suggestion is "If you are ready to put your Hard work , surely you can Pass"

      Be confidant , Prepare as much as you can , and feel free to use the comments box again.

      Am Ready to help you ever :-)

      Thank You so much.

  8. One more question..It might sound silly..Plz don't mind
    If question A asks me to outline the hazards and if question B asks me to outline the safety measures
    Is it necessary that I should write the Ctrl measure for every hazard I mentioned above? I mean should not I write general Ctrl measures like training, competency , supervision etc? Or should I write only the particular engineering Ctrl measures of the mentioned hazards only

    1. Dear Bharat Kumar, Its Not an Silly Questions and Most of the Peoples not understanding that too.

      If You are mentioning hazards in Question A , and If the Question B requires the Controls , than all the control measures you are giving should be like "The Complete Controls required for above mentioned hazards)

      And Again and Again please do not rely on generic points Information , instruction, training, supervision ,PPE , Risk assessment etc.

      Go technical Buddy :-)

  9. One technical question
    What are the machines and operations where use of hand gloves is prohibited..Most of the ppl have tendency to write all open for all operations..I request you to tell me about such prohibitions

    1. Dear Bharat, Where ever the man or worker directly interfering with machine moving parts (Reciprocating / Rotating) , It is better to avoid the use of Gloves. Especially made up of Cotton , which can easily cause entanglement.

      For Example : A worker working with the radial drilling equipment / Grinding equipment, lathe, CNC,etc to perform the job it may necessary to keep their hands near to the rotating parts.

      The Legal requirement is that, when ever the worker involving with the rotating machinery, the use of gloves that can cause entanglement must be prohibited.

      How ever , when the nature of task and their hazards like sharp edges , temperature require the use of gloves , should be tight fitting and should be a type free from risk of entanglement.

      But Generally Use of Gloves must be prohibited!

  10. One more doubt regarding presentation..If I am asked to identify hazards in any operation
    Can I just write
    Entanglement hazards
    Erogonomic hazards
    Electrical hazards etc

    Or should I have to write in detail like entanglement with the moving spindle, electrical hazards due to faulty earthing or wiring
    I mean to ask u for the questions asking me to outline I need to answer in sentences but for identify do I need to write completely?

    1. You are almost right!
      For Outline type of questions ensure you have Given full justification like ,

      Risk of entanglement with the moving parts especially in case of using long hair, gloves , long sleeves etc.

      For More Clear Picture Watch this Video : and more and more guide available in you tube as well as in NEBOSH Official Website.

  11. Most of the tools/equipment have entanglement hazards..So is it better avoiding hand gloves point to be on safe side?
    Now I also have doubts regarding use/non use of dust extraction system and LEV..I am not able to remember exactly where we require dust extraction system and where we require LEV and where it is enough to have dust masks..
    Also ozone was mentioned as one of the hazards of a photocopier..What is it's Ctrl measure? Dust mask or ventilation or anything else?

    1. Dear Thanks for an Excellent Doubt.

      Do not Confuse with the words , More Over the Dust extraction systems and local exhaust ventilation systems are same and both are working in an same principle.

      Generally , two Types of ventilation is there , One is "Dilution ventilation which simply increase the air moments so that the contaminant concentration would be reduced" and there will be no system for capturing at the point of dust generation.

      Dilution ventilation systems are practicable when the;

      Rate of contaminant generation is too low
      OEL limit of the contaminant is too high

      Local exhaust ventilation are the type of engineering control, that capture the dust / contaminant at the point of generation, so that the contaminant will spread around the work area and will not cause any ill health.

      Coming to the Point, IN Open area the Local exhaust ventilation systems are not practicable, How ever there are equipment's available that designed with inbuilt extraction systems.

      Always prefer Engineering control, How ever for additional safety factor Use the Dust / Nose mask too.

      The Choice of control is depends on the nature of dust whether Toxic / Nuisance oNLY AND the rate of generation and the acute and chronic ill health etc.

      For Controlling Ozone on Photocopier :

      1) Prefer Low Ozone emission equipment's while purchase
      2)Ensure the good maintenance of photocopier and filters
      3)Monitor the air quality regular manner
      4) Ensure sufficient ventilation in the room
      5)Locate the Photocopiers in well ventilated area if possible

      Hope the answers helped you, Still having doubts , Check the images for dilution ventilation systems and Local exhaust ventilation systems in Google. You will get more ideas.

      All the Very best for your Exams, Feel Free to use the Comment Box ever :-)

    2. The Dilution ventilation systems are Not suitable for dust because of their accumulation nature (Most of the dust are denser than air, so would sediment in the ground, where the dilution ventilation will not work.
      For Dust there are numerous specific controls available like damping , vacuum cleaning , changing the dust generating material in process etc. Read the Book with time Buddy.

  12. So i can write dust extraction systems as Ctrl measures but i should mention the area of the working..for eg use of dust extraction system if the drilling/ grinding machine is working in a closed area or a room
    By the way thank u v much for suggesting those examination reports..i gained lot of imp information along with twisted questions

    1. Dear Mr Bharat, Most of the times the question will comes up with the location of operation either construction / Manufacturing Industry and All.

      the Concept is when ever you are mentioning something as an control measure you should justify it with the purpose ! & you should show your complete understanding to the examiner.

      For Example :

      The Provision of Local exhaust ventilation system in the welding booth, that capture the contaminant at the point of generation

      The Use of Damping, that reduce the amount of dust spread / airborne in the workplace

      The Use of suitable cleaning method such as vacuum cleaning that reduce the airborne and resulting inhalation to the cleaning employees.

      Once you wrote the point, ensure yourself you have justified your every controls suggested.

      Thanks for your Continuous contribution Buddy, Use the Comment Box at any time :-)

  13. Sir, I have a doubt about Nebosh IGC & Nebosh FS& risk management. Which one is more valid now?

    1. Dear the Choice of Course would be depends on the preferred field, If you wish to choose your career in Fire and Safety department like fire and safety officer , engineer , manager. you shall choose nebosh fire and safety.

      If you wish to have a wider career options , its better to choose NEBOSH International General Certificate, through which you can enter into different sectors from construction to , oil and gas industry and even to manufacturing sectors.

      If You complete NEBOSH IGC , You have a wide career options as Safety / HSE / EHS officer , Engineer , Manager etc etc.

      Also in NEBOSH IGC You do have a wide syllabus, where you will learn entire safety subjects including fire and safety.

      I have given the applicability in real field, Again its depends on your options.

      In Initial level you may have thousands of doubt,Feel Free to use the comment box for all your doubts.

  14. What all precautions to be taken while we have excavation works going on in our workplace....????

    1. Hi Brother, Thanks for your Query Regarding the Excavation Safety, before learning the controls , we must be familiar with the Excavation Hazards

      The Excavation activities are having wide number of hazards like collapse of excavation, Cut/ Crush to underground services , Drowning , Oxygen deficiency, Presence of toxic and Flammable Gases , falling of persons inside the excavation , falling of vehicle into the excavation, dislodging of material / sand into the excavation , biological hazards etc etc........

      There are hundred plus controls are available toooooooo!


      1)Obtaining Permit to work before excavation starts
      2)Obtaining Excavation Notification / No objection Certificate from the Concern departments
      3)Checking the type of soil to decide the type of excavation (Manual / Mechanical )
      4)If Mechanical ensuring that the excavation having third party certificate and the excavator operator having valid licence
      5)Barricading the area to prevent the person and vehicle fall
      6)Positioning of vehicle away from the edges
      7)Placing the sand at least 2 feet away from the excavation edges to avoid both overloading and dislodging of soil
      8)Ground scanning of area , if there is a doubt on presence of underground services
      9)If the Underground services confirmed preferring the manual excavation and using only less sharp tools
      10)The Use of suitable PPE like Helmet , shoes etc
      11)The Provision of Safe access depends on the size of excavation
      12)Use of de watering methods, if the flood occurs
      13) Considering the Excavation as Confined space when the depth is more than 4 Feet
      14)The Use of Protective systems , if there is any cave in found / doubt on its stability (Shoring Or Shielding )
      15) Where the protective systems are not feasible seeking advice to the registered engineer regards the excavation methods (Sloping /benching )
      16) Checking for Cave in
      17)Provision of Regular Tools box to the employees
      18) Regular soil test by the competent person
      19)Carrying Gas test to check for the presence of toxic and flammable gases
      20) use of tools that made up of braze , to avoid spark / heat
      21)Having emergency procedure and attender nearby
      22)Having suitable communication systems in hand
      23)Having Trained rescue team and equipment's avail!

      Hope you have some inputs brother, Soon I will Come up with the New Post Regarding Excavation Safety! :-)

      Feel Free to use the Comment Box again !

  15. Explain the factors to be considered when undertaking an assessment of health risks from substances encountered in work places
    This was the most repeated question that the students failed to and properly acc to examiners report
    Can u mention some guidelines to and this question ?
    Actually i thought of writing all the five steps of risk assessment and relating each step to the health hazards, risks..but i m not sure whether this the correct way
    2 more questions of this sort are
    Outline why a person might be unaware of risk being exposed to hazardous substance
    Outline the general requirements of s work equipment

    Please guide me about the points to put/points not to be put while answering the asked questions above

    And thank you for clarifying my concepts on dust extraction system

    1. Dear Brother, Thanks for a query!

      Understand the Question first, The Question "Explain the factors to be considered when undertaking an assessment of health risks from substances encountered in work places" requires you explain "What are all the factors you will consider during the assessment of hazardous chemical in the workplace" Means,

      Before we are evaluating the risk level for an chemical it is important to consider various factors like the Nature of Chemical (Whether it is highly toxic or simply irritant) , the quantity of chemical used in the work area, the number of employees exposed to employees , the duration of time that the employees are exposed to chemical and the frequency of exposure with the chemical (Whether the person exposed once a month or daily routine ), the possible health effects from the exposure (Acute and Chronic both) , the existing controls that available in the work area, the nature of process (whether fully manual / semi automatic ) etc etc.

      This Factors must be considered before deciding a risk level (Whether High / Low / Medium )

      If the above mentioned points are not considered , than the risk assessment would fail to properly evaluate the risk and to decide the suitable controls.

    2. Dear Understand the Second question and read each word carefully "Outline why a person might be unaware of risk being exposed to hazardous substance"

      The Expectation is

      1) It is related to the Individual
      2)It is Related to the Hazardous Substance
      3)The Question asks the reasons for Unaware of exposure

      There are several Reasons for the Unaware of Hazardous substance exposure such as

      1) Most of the Hazardous substance are invisible mainly if the exposure is through inhalation and the contaminant is airborne example : H2S

      2) Most of the Hazardous substance will not have any smell in certain concentration , by which the employee unable to detect the exposure

      3) The Employee / Person may have sensory problems like reduced visibility and smelling ability etc etc

      4) Most of the hazardous exposure and resulting health effects are chronic by which there is no chances of easy detection unless fully aware of risk exist

      5) The Person may not having knowledge / experience about the particular exposure (Even the worker doesn't know it is hazardous)

      6)The Person may not experienced the hazard earlier

      Hope the answers helped you Buddy!

    3. Dear Brother , Again read the question carefully "Outline the general requirements of s work equipment"

      1)The Question is about "Work equipment's"
      2)We need to list the General Requirements - The Word of general giving as an opportunity to own points related to work equipment.

      Note : Do not write about Risk assessment , Instruction , Information , supervision etc . Write Only about the Work equipment and its required physical Features.

      1) The Equipment must be Manufactured as per the legal requirements
      2)The work equipment must have suitable Guarding systems where ever necessary
      3)The Work equipment must be suitable to the type of job being performed
      4)The Work equipment must be suitable to the location where it is used (For example : The Suitably designed vehicle for using in rough terrain / Hills)

      5)The Work equipment must be designed and manufactured as per the economical requirements and must be suitable to the foreseeable type of users

      6) The Work equipment must be provided with the safe operating procedures and other related safety manual

      7)The work equipment must designed with consideration of its entire life cycle and risk control from installation to disposal

      8) The man - machine intervention points must be suitably designed , located and error free

      9) The Provisions must be made to control the possible emissions like Noise , heat , dust etc.

      Feel Free to leave your Comments in box brother.

  16. Can we expect questions like explain the purpose and procedure for investigating fire accidents, outline the principles of combustion, main sources of external information and their principles of application
    I saw these questions in examiner reports of NEBOSH fire safety
    Can they appear in igc also

    1. Of course buddy , Those syllabus are in to NEBOSH International General Certificate too!

  17. But those topics especially about fire rescue procedures, external inf and their principles of application etc are not given any NEBOSH books and our course providers didn't teach us too

    1. Buddy , Please Follow the NEBOSH Books Provided, The Syllabus might be changed, The Questions will come within the book only

  18. For the 1st question(y ppl may be unaware of hazard)
    Can i also write the person might be one of the vulnerable persons
    The person might be a visitor
    The person might be in the influence of drugs or alcohol
    Hazard not labelled
    Not properly color coded
    Sometimes wrongly labelled

    1. yes , They are also important factors that influence the person ability to recognize the risk :-) Thanks for adding the Great Points with the Answer

  19. U gave and abt explain the factors to be considered for assessing the healthrisks in workplaces
    Does this answer satisfy construction workplaces also? What alterations have to be done for this question ( explain factors to be considered for assessing risks of health in Construction work places)

    1. Buddy, Those are all same and should be considered at any industry it may construction or any other type of , but those points are not limited , like the other factors should also be considered example : Possible route of entry , Occupational exposure limits of substance , working conditions , physical form of substance whether liquid / solid / gas etc etc, available emergency and spill management arrangements, the volatile nature of substance , nature like flash point , fire point , auto ignition temperature etc etc

      Hope you are Ok with the answers bro !

  20. Outline the ways of risk of injury from moving parts during maintainence activities
    For this question way pts other than covering and guarding can be written?
    Safe system of work, competency, pipe etc are generic pts..Can i write them?

    1. Dear Re check the answer, It seems the question asks about the possible ways for the maintenance worker to get injured , Not an Control measures during maintenance.

  21. I Explain the processes and practices leading to musculoskeletal disease
    For this can i write drilling, grinding, grass cutting activities? Way all type of pts have to be includes
    This is also one of the most imp questions that many ppl did not give appropriate answers acc to examiners report

    1. Dear Understand the question It is about

      1) Processes that lead to musculoskeletal Injuries
      2)Practices that lead to musculoskeletal injuries means you answer shall include both type of activities and way of activities being performed that cause musculoskeletal injuries / Disease.

      Remember every activity either drilling / grinding / standing for a long time / sitting for a long time / driving / Using computer / Assembly / Manual handling / machine operation having the risk of musculoskeletal injuries but it is mainly depends on the number of practices / way of job being performed

      For Example : A person using an Computer with fully ergonomically designed work patters and in the work environment and equipments will have less chances for musculoskeletal injuries , Alternatively if those requirements are not filled will lead to musculoskeletal disease of course

      The key Hint for the answer would be : Check the Risk factors that lead to musculoskeletal injuries like Force , repetition , twisting , stooping , posture , work pattern etc etc and link that to the example of activity

      Like Repetitive handling of materials in supermarket , without adequate breaks

      Handling of Materials from the ground level with poor manual handling technique that required stooping

      The Use of Computer with poorly designed work equipment and environment and in poor posture

      Using Machinery for long periods with prolonged standing etc etc.

      Hope the answers have given some idea

  22. No Sir I am sure the question i noted down from examiners report
    Outline the control measures to reduce the risk of workers of getting injuries from moving parts of machine

    1. Dear Please Make Sure whether Your question is

      Outline the control measures to reduce the risk of workers of getting injuries from moving parts of machine


      Outline the ways of risk of injury from moving parts during maintenance activities

      To which You Need an Answer, Both are different

  23. Can u plz explain me the difference BTW way of answering questions involving features, aims and role
    Outline the features of safety inspection and safety audit
    Outline the roles of safety inspection and safety audit
    Outline the aims and objectives of safety inspection and safety audit

    1. Dear As i said Earlier , In IGC 1 everything seems to be same and the better way is that understand the concept and change your sequence, flow of answer depends of the question.


      Feature : Outline the Main aspects and properties of particular subject that makes different from others
      Role : You knew well the Purpose
      For this Questions if the aim and Objectives will also come similar but Knew the Concept
      Aim : Purpose
      Objectives : The Steps / Actions that you will take to achieve the aim

      Again here

      In Feature of Health and Safety Inspection you can start like Its a physical Observation of workplace in order to Identifying uncontrolled hazards and non-compliance and usually Carried-out by using checklist and Competent inspector.Etc etc

      For Role You should stick with the Role / Purpose alone like , To
      Identifying Non compliance
      Identifying Compliance with Legal Requirements
      Identify uncontrolled hazards
      To review the Previous findings and recommendations

      For Question third , The answer will come similar but You should change the way of answer

      The Aim of Health and Safety inspection is to Identify the Uncontrolled hazards and Non-compliance with the requirements

      Objectives are (The Steps you take to achieve the aim)

      The Physical Observation of workplace either using checklist / Legal requirements (If legal Inspection)

      Identity of Uncontrolled Hazards in the workplace and Non compliances that exist in the workplace

      Making recommendations to teh management as action plan in order to control and acheive the safer workplace

      Note : Follow the Command words too and Feel Free to use the comment Box

  24. Are the answers same for the questions
    Outline the issues to be considered at the planning stage of a safety and health audit
    Outline the pre audit preperations needed to be considered before a h and s audit

  25. Both Questions are Related to Health and Safety Audit as well as "The Important Factors / Issues to be considered so wil come similar only Bro

  26. What all qualities / qualification should be acquired to be a competent Safety professional...?

    1. Dear

      Competency is simply ability to fulfill the job requirements

      For Competency there are different criteria depends on number of factors like
      Region / Country
      Nature of Job Role etc etc and Mainly it depends on the company requirements .

      A safety Officer Shall required NEBOSH IGC now days but if there is an HSE Advisor / Director Its Better to Hold Level 6 Diploma in NEBOSH / OSH / CSP / GradIOSH etc.

      If You asked about "Certified Safety Professional " from U.S.A check this Link : Certified Safety Professionals

      If you wish to knew the qualities , From my side

      Highly Qualified ,Passinate , Good Communication skills , Able to Initiate , Problem Solving Skills , etc etc

      You Can also Read My Posts : 11 Signs of Safety Expert

      Thank You.

      If You wish to add Review / Rating about my support add here

      add Reviews and Ratings

  27. Good day kannan

    can i have crsp material.

  28. Dear Tarun , I do not have any materials with me , and If you wish to purchase any materials
    *Check out the following links

    CRSP Approved Course Providers

    CRSP Reference Books

    Thank You

  29. Mr. Kannan Makino Can you make me clear What does Third Party Liability mean?

  30. Are the answers same for outline obligations of employer and outline roles and responsibilities of employer

    1. Yes Brother . Both Come Similar only like the Provision of Safe workplace , system of work , equipment , etc etc

  31. Also for the questions outline the elements of ptw and outline sections of ptw are the answers same

  32. Can I write the same answers for the questions
    Outline how national governments can contribute to health safety standards within their own territories
    Outline the ways in which national govt try to ensure compliance of health and safety laws

    1. You Can write the Same Answers Buddy :-)

  33. Please explain exact difference btw safety ptoffesionals,practosioners,competent persons,HSE officers, safety officers

    1. Brother, There will be no Exact Difference at all , It depends on every individual perception.

      In ancient stages, the professionals perceived implementing safety is preventing an accidents alone.

      and later they all realized "Preventing accidents require safe health and environment too" with out that achieving zero harm is not practicable.

      Thats the time where the word changed from "HSE / EHS / SHE ) .

      Every one Practicing health and safety are "Safety Professional / Practitioners Only"

      And Competent Person is not only into safety , even a electrician must be competent , in order to complete the electrical work safely.

      HSE Officer / Safety Officer are same but words are different

      Feel Free to use the Box again.

  34. So the roles and responsibilities of safety specialists/ practioners/ HSE officers are same? No difference presenting answers too?

    One more question
    Outline the ways in which an org could encourage workers to be involved in Setting and Maintaining high STDs of h and s
    Actually i am not satisfied by the ans given by our course provider where he said commitment from mgmt,control competence , cooperation etc
    Please provide a simple and relevant ans

    1. Dear Bharat , Sorry for the delayed response , In Examination point of view it is Ok , how ever in real time the responsibilities will vary depend on the company to company.

      And for your another question ways of motivating the employees is simple , and dont get confused The "Words you have mentioned like Commitment , consultation , Training, Incentive, increased responsibilities , encouraging positive performance , punishing unsafe behavior etc etc" seems to be simple , but understand they are the most important factor in the company that develops the positive culture.

      In a company where there is Priority to safety , rule to safety , incentive to good safety performance , punishment to anti behaviour , lack of leadership , lack of facilities and good environment" expecting the employees to follow safety procedures is like stupid thing.

      Feel Free to use the comment box Buddy:-)

  35. Explain the role of national and international bodies in formulating and regulating h and s
    How to start this ans? Please give first 3 to 4 lines and also mention some imp points and approach for answering this

    Describe the content and key features of h and s policy
    For content I will write about the 3 sections but for features what should I write?

    Other than ILO identify different ISO STDs

    Outline why it is imp for org to include targets in the policy

    Give 2 examples for H and S performance information used for BENCHMARKING

  36. Explain the principles of risk assessment
    I know the stages/steps, factors to be considered to make RA suitable and sufficient factors for reviewing it.. But what should I write in principles?

  37. Outline why arrangements for contacting emergency and rescue services need to be included when developing emergency procedures
    I can write some general explanation but please give me 4 imp points that need to be included

  38. Please give examples for insured indirect costs

  39. Please give me some idea about the courses HSE and RLI

  40. Hello bro
    Can u give a brief idea and benefits about following courses
    what courses other than PDIS( POST DIPLOMA IN INDUSTRIAL SAFETY) AND NEBOSH provide good weightage to my resume and help me in fetching a good job in good position?


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