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6 Conditions to Prefer Tower Crane ? ( Safety & Economical )

Selection of suitable type of crane for a job is the important factor that must be considered, If the wrong crane is selected, the accidents are certain.

Every single Crane accident, will cause huge economical impact to the company.

Most of the times the professionals will tend to get confused, whether to select Mobile Crane / Tower Crane for the operation?

Which is Safe?

If you ever had this same doubt prior, this post will help you out!

The Experts will consider various factors, before selecting the tower crane for a job.

Here I have listed you some of the factors, in which case you should prefer only Tower Crane!

The 6 Factors, to determine the need for tower crane :

  • The Duration of Use 
  • The Site Conditions 
  • Lift Height 
  • Frequency of Lift 
  • Ease of Load positioning 
  • Cost 

The Duration of  Use :

Duration of use of the crane is the important factor that must be considered prior to selecting the crane. 
The Assembly of tower cranes found to be costly, however for the long term use in a single location will be economical.

 Simply the Tower Cranes are most preferable, for long term use in a single location. 

The Site Conditions: 

The Site conditions must be clear and spacious in order to perform the safe lifting operation, How ever we could n't expect the site conditions to be spacious always, 

In some situations performing lifting operation in the congested and constricted space will be a requirement, which can raise a number of safety issues, from the safe positioning of the crane to maintaining the stability of crane. 

The Congested space results in wrong positioning, and performing lifting operations will in the adequate positioning of the crane lead to collapse, that can cause a number of fatalities and a huge loss to the company. 

In a Conditions, where space may be the problem, It is better to prefer the tower crane type instead of the mobile crane which require certain space. 

The height of Lift :

Mobile cranes are available in various boom length that can be selected depends on the operational requirements. How ever the lifting height with the mobile crane is limited compared to the tower crane features. 

Where the height of lift is too high and deep, the tower cranes would be preferable. 

Note : The Selection of  wrong crane with limited boom length will encourage lifting of load with full extension, which can cause boom collapse, Crane collapse , Fall of load etc.

The frequency of Lift : 

In certain circumstance, especially while high rise building constructions, lifting operations would be required throughout the project (Frequent lifting operations), but the need for mobility will be too low. 

Most of the lifting operations will fall around the building itself.

In that case, preferring tower crane would be preferable instead of a mobile crane.

Ease Of Load Positioning :

Most of the times the accidents like boom hitting the nearby structures and buildings will happen due to lack of planning of type of crane would be required.

In most of the situations, load positioning would be easier from with in the working areas , rather than from out side. 

In that cases, it would be better to prefer the Tower Crane.

Cost :

When the Comparison made between safety vs Cost, the safety would be the highest preference. 

How ever when the long term rentals for tower crane is less than for mobile crane is justified with required safety features.

It would be feasible to select tower crane. 

Ha ha ha, It seems you have a question? 

Haree Yaar? You are talking about the project and cost savings, where is the article about Safety?

Remember, the right type of crane with right boom height, that suit the site conditions and operational requirements would be most important factor in every lifting operation. 

The selection of the wrong type of crane will result in, 
  • Crane Collapse 
  • Boom Collapse 
  • Falling of Load 
  • Persons struck by Crane etc.

You May wish to add your experience or Wish to ask some Doubts, Leave it in the comments! 

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