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Guide to legal requirements in Health and Safety

One of the prime reason for managing health and safety is "Legal Requirements" .

What is the meaning of legal requirements in health and safety


How it contributes to safer workplace ? 

If you wish to understand the "Legal requirements" that exist behind the workplace safety, this guide will help you out. 

What is Legal Requirements :

Legal requirements are the requirements of law that enacted by either state or national government; to ensure safety of individual or to protect the individual.

Why Health and Safety is an Legal Requirement ?

Every individual is having their own rights to choose their activities or do some business in order to survive or earn some money. Which is widely accepted principle in this competitive world. 

However, No ones activity or business should not cause harm to other either physically or mentally or in another way, which is purely unacceptable by the society. 
For Example : A person XXX Starting an manufacturing industry in-order to earn some money and he employed YYY as an employee. The XXX wanted to earn some money irrespective of "YYY"s Health and safety. One Bad day the accident happened and YYY lost his hands, and completely lost his earning potential. The "XXX" sent off "YYY" from the Job due to his inability to continue his job. 
Does it acceptable ???? 


So Now you may understand ; everyone having their own right to choose their choice of living or business but it should not cause harm to another. 

After the similar incidents like "XXX & YYY" ; Now the government decided to start making the rules that ensures "No one should cause harm to any individual and ensuring the safety of employees during work is the responsibility of owners" 

What is Legal Requirements into Health and Safety ? 

Understanding the legal requirements are essential for every safety officers and safety engineers, and we are the competent employees appointed by the employer , to ensure the implementation of health and safety legal requirements. 

Most of the times, during the training programs
"The Students tends to raise the questions like,
Is Guarding of Machinery is an legal requirement ?
Is Provision of First aid is an legal requirement?
Is Provision of insulation for electrical wires are legal requirement?
Is Provision of MSDS along with the chemicals are legal requirement?
Is Provision of PPE is an Legal requirement? etc etc. "
Understand when it comes to health and safety; everything is legal requirement; from the provision of white wash in the latrines to third-party certifications to the crane"

The Concept is, you need to identify the suitable regulation or act based on the situation. 

How Everything in Health and Safety will Come under Legal requirements , we do not have any specific rule or law for confined space, electrical or inspection or Training?

Understand Most of the governments will not set specific regulation or law for every situation that the industries working with and most probably it is impossible to cover every specifications into legal requirements. 

However, the concept behind the legal requirements is that "The Employer should ensure the Health and safety of everyone interfering with their business or products including employees and customers" 

For example there is no specific law for the provision of Training in particular country and the accident was happened due to the lack of competence of employee during their work,

Does it acceptable?
whether the employer can argue that there is no specific rule for training. 
Even though there is no specific regulation for Training , there is a specific regulation that require the employer to protect their employees. 

So do not expect specific legal requirements for every situation you are dealing with, instead try to take all the possible actions to reduce the risk below acceptable level and to protect your employees.

You May have any doubt or you may wish to share any of your experience with legal requirements , Feel Free to share with our comment box. 
Love to hear your comments soon.


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