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Why Workplace Safety Should be your Prime Focus ??

Every health and safety practitioners including you and me are coming after hundreds of criticism and negative arguments, which cannot be disagreed by any one.

But, there are thousands of reasons that exist behind workplace safety and its importance in industries.

which should be taught to everyone in the industry including from the Shop floor worker to Senior level manager.

Here I have Listed you the Ultimate reasons "Why You should Give Importance to Workplace Safety"

1.A single accident can Spoil Your Complete Business :

There are Hundreds of real time incidents , through which most of big companies lost their business by single accident.

Such as,

  • Centralia Mining Disaster in 1947 
  • Bhopal Disaster in 1984 , India 
  • Lac Megantic 2013 
  • Philips Disaster in 1989 

In which the industrial accidents resulted in major disaster and multiple fatalities.

So remember , An single accident can result in multiple fatality and disaster , which can ruin your complete business,

2.Your Business depends on your Customers & Shareholders :

Every companies are supported by its own shareholders and customers to run their business and sell your products. 

Would you ready to invest in a company , that going in loss or having an bad image among the customers. 


In developed technology and social awareness , every incidents are covered by media and people will never ready to purchase your products or invest in your company, when you are not even ready to protect your employees, 

If you believe, your Business is important ; than Workplace safety should be prime.

3.You are Legally Liable : 

Workplace safety is not an combo , which can be added by choice, and its an legal requirement.

There are no choices like either follow or leave it.

Irrespective of region you are doing business , you must follow their own legal requirements , in order to do the business,

When workplace safety fails , the consequences would be severe from imprisonment to sealing your entire company.

4.You Never Knew its Impact :

Workplace safety will have high impact on your Business and You never Know that. 

Most of the Benefits of workplace safety are intangible , which is very tough to Calculate. 

The Simple Question is , 

Would You do Business with person , with whom you do not have Trust ? 

Would You work for a person , Who is arrogant and doing business only for Money? 

Nope , No one would do that. 

Health and safety will have high impact on your business in a positive way , among your employees , among your contractors , among your customers and among everyone in the society. 

Your Reputation and Brand name will increase, with increase your business automatically. 

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” – Simon Sinek
“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” – Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup 
This are all the words said by Popular CEO's. A Good CEO Knows their investment in people , will never get wasted and the Value of trust everything in business.

5.Business is Not Only Earning & Its Controlling loss Too :

Would You think , the Business is earning profit alone , If you think you are doing business in wrong mode.

Lack of health and safety will cost you in number of ways and even a single first aid will cost you some money. 

And most of the times the costs could not be counted / calculated and not even imagined well, unless it is properly analysed.

Would You think Only the ,

  • Injury , First aid , Hospitalization cost , sick pay , repair of equipment's and Hiring persons new persons are the Cost of Accidents 
Nope, There are huge losses that will never be considered or accounted during cost analysis like 
  • Investigation time and their Lost of work 
  • Production time during accident and their respective cost of company 
  • Indirect impact on insurance premium 
  • Loss of Employee Moral and Their Trust among the Company 
  • Impact on Company Business name & Reputation , If it founded by Medias 
  • The Time of Conducting new risk assessment 
  • Impact of Legal fines and Prosecutions etc etc.

So the Conclusion is that , You will never save anything , by reducing investments for health and safety , Instead you are Inviting loss to your Business.

Safety is Not An Supporting Department :

Of course , Productivity of the company is prime and the purpose you are initializing a company is to earn some money.


A Good Business and business owners know , Value of  their employees ,customers and their own own business name.

Instead of of spending dollars in advertisement and  marketing , care your employees , and they will do marketing for you without any expectations.

and They will care your Business more than You.

Remember , Even your Production engineer will start loosing their trust on your company , when you are not giving priority to Safety.

Conclusion :

Invest in to Health and safety, if you wanna do the business for long run and in a profitable way.

Do there Any other Reasons for Giving priority to Workplace Safety , Feed Your Opinions and Speak your Heart in Comments. 

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