What is Safety? An Idiots Guide Explains all

As Per ILO

Every 15 Seconds , a worker dies from a work related accident or Disease 
Every 15 seconds, 153 workers have a work related accident 

Every day, 6,300 people die as a result of occupational accidents or work related diseases - more than 2.3 million deaths per year.

317 million accidents occur on the job annually;many more of these resulting in extending absences from work.

What Does it really mean ???? The Workplace is not at all safe and Capable of causing fatality. 

Every Day, the technology and inventions are growing like anything, that's awesome but mean time the rate of accident and disease potential also increasing. 

State of Being "safe" , the Condition of being protected from harm, and other non desirable outcomes.

Let me explain you in clear way,

Scenario 1 : You Employed in an Industry as Employee 

There are only two options either you have to do business or getting employed in an company, by bad luck you do not have enough time , money , potential to do the business. 


In order to feed your family,you have joined in an company as an laborer and your daily routine is to work with an hazardous equipment's , chemicals and highly noisy atmosphere. 

The Owner of your company only needs an business and profit, irrespective of your life and health. 

One Bad moment, the accident was happened and you lost your hands, or suffered an severe injury that result in permanent disability. 

What will Happen ?

The Current employer fired you out ;  and No other companies will hire you !

There is no way of generating income , because all you know about is working hard, of course that requires good physical fitness.
  • You Cannot Generate an income 
  •  You cannot feed your family 
  • You Cannot pay home rentals 
  • You cannot pay for your sons schooling's 
  • You cannot live an quality life , which your neighbors are having with

The Message is "Safety is not only an part of job or slogan that insisted by stupid fellows, Its the way of life and the incredible thing that keeps you alive"

Scenario 2 : You are Establishing an Industry ( and You are an Owner)

You are establishing an Own industry for manufacturing of pump and Of course, you require an employees and equipment's and established industrial space in order to manufacturing an pump.

You have employed 10 Employees and Purchased certain equipment's and the process started.   

The Business Grows and you have started manufacturing an products.

The employees are working harder and You are generating an huge income from their efforts, hence there are certain investments which you cannot ignore (Apart from staff pay & Purchase of equipment's) like maintenance,Inspection and Provision of training to your employees about "How to operate the machines safely". 

Blindly You Ignored an "Additional Costs like training , maintenance and Inspection" and a day moves.

What would be the result????

Of course, the machines will not be safe and the staffs will not be familiar with the way of operating it? 

That results in accidents and Ill health (By the lack of training and by the excessive amount of noise and vibration, heat, dust) generated from the process.  

When the accident occurs, for sure it may result in severe damage to your equipment's and injury to your employees. 

As a Owner you have to bear equipment repair costs , breakdown maintenance costs, replacement costs , first aid costs, the cost resulting from an loss of production etc etc.

As per the legal requirement and as a employer or owner , you are responsible for the injury sustained and the loss caused to an employee.

Every Governments are having their own "Worker Compensation Act / Regulation" that require you to pay compensation to an injured employee, also the government authorities will place an fine , warnings on your company , and In some cases it can extend to sealing your company too.!

What would be the out come ??? You have to close your company , loss your brand name before you are stabilizing your business.

For definition "State of being protected is easy" but achieving them require huge efforts, technological options and thousands of strategies.

  • Appointing Safety Officers (Who Knows Safety well) 
  • Purchase of  Safe Equipment's (Manufactured under legal requirements) 
  • Recruiting Experienced Professionals 
  • Training 
  • Inspection 
  • Maintenance 
  • Installing Safety devices 
  • Control of Noise 
  • Control vibration 
  • Control of violence and Misuse 
  • Development of safe operating procedures etc etc. 

Why Safety is Important :

Irrespective of your job, designation, economical situation, the safety should be an first priority, in order to keep your self alive.

No government's act or regulations that mandate level of productivity or profit , hence health and safety is an legal requirement of every national governments and must be followed by an every employer.

Failure of implementing an safety procedures or lack of following health and safety will have an serious consequences both to an employee and an employer. 

If you are an employer, You have an legal responsibility of protecting your employees from safety and health risks by taking all the possible controls. 

If you are an employee, you do have an legal requirement to perform your job safely without causing risk to yourself and others.

If you are an self employed, you too having an responsibility to taken care of your safety and others involving with you and your products.


Safety is all about preventing accidents, ill health, environmental damage and other losses , which is not planned and which happens in an unexpected way. 

Prevention of unexpected losses , require an well defined plan and right execution with the right strategies. 

Unless you knows about an employees behaviors,technologies involved with an equipment and other environmental factors that influence an likelihood of incidents , You could never prevent It;and the accidents are certain.

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