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You will Never Pass NEBOSH IGC / NEBOSH Diploma Unless You Realize this Fact

NEBOSH Certifications are Important credentials for the HSE Professionals to prove their knowledge and Competence in Safety management.

While it is not an examination which is impossible,  Still it requires some conscious efforts and preparation methodologies.

In My experience into Safety Training and Discussion with fellow Safety Professionals in my Learn HSE Group, I found most of the students are struggling to Pass NEBOSH Examinations.

IS NEBOSH Examinations are Tough to Pass?

From my Perception, NEBOSH Examinations are Tough unless you knew the Strategies to Apply in It.

Still, there are some fellows Who Cracked in First attempt with Distinction, like me :-) 

Let me Explain You some Common Myths and Solutions to Pass Your NEBOSH Qualifications.

Some of the Information may already be known, but remember this steps are actionable and Surely will give the good impact on Your Results. 

Why Most of the Candidates Failing in NEBOSH Exams: 

If You analyze NEBOSH Examiner Reports since its Inception, You will get the clear Picture that NEBOSH Gives a clear statement of common mistakes done by the Candidates. 

This Mistakes apply to both NEBOSH IGC Candidates as well as for NEBOSH International Diploma Students. 

What are those mistakes, 
  • Misinterpretation of Question 
  • Not Following the Command Word 
  • Not answering All the Questions 
  • Giving Rote learned answers 
  • Poor Handwriting 
  • Giving Same Points in different ways
If You Wish to Check, Just download the examiner report here and Check the Pages from 12 - 14. 

Still Confused Let me Explain You Each Mistake and Proposed Solution for achieving good marks one by one. 

Mistake Number 1: Misinterpretation of Question 

Either You are Preparing for NEBOSH IGC or NEBOSH International Diploma examination, this Mistakes will be common. 

From my perception, 75% Candidates are failing only because of this reason. 

You might hear this words from failed Candidates " I wrote for 90 marks and I never expected this results like".

The reason is Question Misinterpretation.

Let me Explain You with Example: 

If there is a Question like "Outline the Typical Control measures that Could be used to prevent starting of fire in workplace"?

What Could be the Answer?

Fire Extinguisher , Fire Fighter, Fire detector, Fire alarm right.

Read the Question again, the examiner asks you to write the Controls to Prevent starting of fire in workplace? Means You should list all the Controls that prevent occurrence of fire in workplace.

No fire extinguishers and Fire fighters will do that.

Your Answer should be like,

  • Controlling hot work with PTW 
  • Electrical maintenance to prevent short circuit and Faults 
  • Implementing No smoking Policy etc. 

Actionable Tip To Pass:

  • Practice different type of Questions asked in previous years and Try to understand the way the questions are framed.
  • Don't get excited in exam and Make sure You have spent at least 2 minutes to understand each question before start writing answers
  •  Consult with Your Tutors during Preparation and Get the assistance.
  • If Possible download all the examiner reports published by NEBOSH (You can found in google) 
  • Read all the Comments given from Examiners and Trace all the common misunderstandings. 

Mistake Number 2: Not Following the Command Word 

Most of the Candidates not giving enough importance to understand the command words, Even If you have given 12 points for eight marks questions and all are right.

You will loose the marks, if you haven't followed the command words.

Command words are normally found as first word in a Question

 Ex: "Outline the Typical Control measures that Could be used to prevent starting of fire in workplace"? In this Question "Outline" is the Command word.

Each Command word Indicates:

    • The Way of answering Question 
    • The Depth of answer that the examiner expects from You.

There are already endless number of articles and NEBOSH Offcial guidance documents to understand the command words.

If You Wish to Know more about Command words,

Download NEBOSH IGC Command Words - NEBOSH Offcial Guide 

Download NEBOSH International Diploma Command words - NEBOSH Offcial Guide 

    Actionable Tip To Pass:

    • Download the Command words guide from above link 
    • While writing mock exams also practice command word compliance 
    • Consult Your Tutor to Comment on It. 
    • Give equal importance as you are giving to technical content.

    Mistake Number 3: Not answering All the Questions 

    You must practice for writing since you started your Preparation for NEBOSH Examinations. The common gap that found within the Preparation are, 
    • Most of us practicing and documenting in E format, where we dont have enough opportunities to practice writing skills in field, so if you are experienced candidate or completed your graduation years ago please make sure you have done enough writing practice. 
    • Don't think Preparing alone enough to score good marks. 
    No students will leave the questions intentionally, either
    • They Can't answer It or 
    • They couldn't manage the time. 

    Actionable Tip To Pass:

      • Give equal importance to preparation as well as writing practice. 
      • Make Sure You are writing mock exams as like regular exam with time Constraints. 

      Mistake Number 4:  Giving Rote learned answers 

      Giving memorized answers will not work in NEBOSH Examinations. Your way of answering should be relevant to the Questions and Scenario. 

      For Example Imagine If there is a question like: 

      Outline control measures that could be used to reduce the exposure of construction workers to high levels of noise from cement mixers.

      Tentative Answers Given by the Most of the Candidates are:
      • Use of Low Noise Producing equipment's 
      • Isolation of Equipment to prevent increase in noise through Vibration 
      • Use Of Acoustic Enclosure to prevent emission of Noise 
      • Use of Acoustic heaven to prevent exposure of employee 
      • Providing Ear plug and Ear muff. 
      Because those answers are listed in the Book. 

      Can you Check the answers once again and compare them with Question. 

      Some Mistakes within the Answers are, 
      • The answer is not at all related to the scenario, there is no words like Construction or cement mixer. 
      • Some of the points are totally irrelevant example: We Cant use Acoustic heaven for portable equipment's or constructions works most of the time. 

      Actionable Tip To Pass:

          • Try to understand the Questions rather than memorizing the information. 
          • Read the question or scenario and make your answers more specific 
          • Exclude un suitable answers to the scenario 
          • Practice with as much as mock examinations. 

          Mistake Number 5: Poor Handwriting 

          NEBOSH Will not reduce marks for poor handwriting, Mostly the importance will be given for suitable answers to the questions. 

          However, Your hand writing should be understandable. 

          Simple Concept is " Make Sure your mock exam papers can be understood by your colleague preparing for exam" that enough. 

          Actionable Tip To Pass:

                • If You feel your handwriting is poor, give some importance to change It. 

                Mistake Number 6: Giving Same Points in different ways

                NEBOSH Expects You to give minimum single valid point for each mark. Most of the common mistake that the candidates make on examination pressure is, 
                • Repeating the Same Point in different ways 
                For Example:  If there is a question like  Identify the factors to consider when assessing the adequacy of lighting within an open-plan office.

                • Giving Priority to Natural light over Artificial lightnings 
                • Ensuring that minimum amount of Sun light provisions are integrated 
                Both points are same, but the presentation changed. 

                NEBOSH Will not afford marks to that Kind of answers. 

                Actionable Tip To Pass:

                        • Always Give 12 Points for eight marks questions that will help to manage the similar matching Points and their marks. 
                        Hope This NEBOSH Examination Strategy Post helpful To You. 

                        Leave Your Comments, Opinions and Doubts in Comments. 

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