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Do Safety Qualifications are really Worth It? or Waste of Time & Money


If you analyze before 30 - 40 years, the health and Safety departments are only considered as supporting department, and Most of the professionals involved in HSE was not professionally qualified (Not everyone and everywhere).

But now the Situations Changed. The Companies started hiring only Competent and Qualified Safety engineers and Officers.

Instead Of Suggesting the Qualifications, I would like to share my opinions about Safety Qualifications ( Hope so, My 13 + HSE Qualifications Including NEBOSH International Diploma, NEBOSH IGC are enough to prove my experience in that)

I don't want to promote any safety qualifications here, however, some of the changes that made me recognize the importance of Safety qualifications and memberships are, 

  • Changes in OHS Practitioner registration Abu Dhabi 
  • Changes in Recruitment Notifications.
I wrote this Post for HSE Professionals and Aspirants, 

  • Having Doubt on Importance of Safety Qualifications 

Looking for a positive change in HSE Field, with Only due consideration to talent and Ability rather than references. 

Hope it meets the Purpose and beneficial.

The National Governments and HSE Enforcement bodies are making changes in HSE Professional Grade System:

For Example, recently Abu Dhabi Center for Occupational Safety and Health launched Grade system for OHS Professionals. 

By Which, the OHS Practitioner must be selected based on the Grade Systems. 

You must hold CMIOSH to Get Grade A in OHSAD Qudorat System. 

If You are a GradIOSH Member, You are eligible to get Grade B.

Similar to Abu Dhabi Government if all the governments and enforcement agencies launched OHS Practitioner Criteria, the current scenario will entirely change. 

Where the Educational Qualifications will take preference than experience. 

The Recruitment Minimum Criteria found to be Changed:

Before a year ago, holding NEBOSH International general certificate is the basic criteria to get into the recruitment process. 

But Now, 

Due to competition and changes in the national registration process, It is becoming important to hold at least level 6 International qualification and Professional membership. 

From my perception, these changes are beneficial for young and enthusiastic graduates aiming for a good position in HSE.


In next 5 Years, We can expect ahuge change in HSE Recruitment process, where all the recruitments will be based on Educational qualifications, International memberships.

Actionable Steps:

Prepare Yourself for a change in HSE Field and Start Your Process to acheive International Safety Qualifications and International memberships. Leave Your Comments and Opinions in Comments. 

Feel free to contact me for any assistance. 

Leave Your Opinions in Comments 

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