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Secure IDipNEBOSH Initiative

Completed Your NEBOSH IGC, Whats Next!

Move Your Career to next level rather than being static.

Preparing for NEBOSH International Diploma alone is really tough.

Thinking of NEBOSH Diploma without taking any action really foolish.

Its not true, that you can learn the things only by paying money, you can learn for free.

I Planned to Create New Whatsapp Platform for "All NEBOSH International Diploma Aspirants" in which you will Get unlimited access to all Video lectures and discussions for free.

The Best part is, the group will not contain any advertisements and promotions, and it functions as the platform where you can meet fellow NEBOSH International Diploma Aspirants and Clear your doubts.

It took me  "Plenty of sleepless nights and Insecure moments" to reach this Destiny. but now I realize its common for every human being when they strive to achieve something new (Ha Trust me am the one among :-))

The Time has something different for everyone and that will be delivered to everyone, only when the time arrives, 

Am feeling proud to stand as "Approved NEBOSH IGC & NEBOSH International Diploma Tutor", which is my dream for almost last four Years. 

When I compare my status 5 years before and now, I found a lot of changes professionally. I Smile without any reasons and internally satisfied with my achievements.

While I started my career in HSE, I was not aware of NEBOSH International Diploma or GradIOSH Membership, all I know is "NEBOSH IGC" that too as a tool for moving abroad. 


Soon I realized HSE is not something that should be treated as earning tool or way of moving to the job; there are plenty of ways to earn money and move to job.

Throughout my Career of Achieving NEBOSH IGC or NEBOSH International Diploma, I have come across plenty of doubts and confusions and all my problem was finding a right mentor and genuine information that I can rely upon without any doubts.

But now the situation had changed,

Today am having more than 13+ HSE qualifications in my hand along with GradIOSH membership and am earning decent incomes too. 


I feel my life is more fulfilled when am giving my hands to needy, rather than spending my time for earning plenty of money.

So as to keep me satisfied and make my life meaningful (a Little bit selfish I am :-) ), I decided to Start New Initiative for "NEBOSH International Diploma Aspirants" in the name of "Secure IDipNEBOSH". 

I will share all relevant stuff in the Group and we shall discuss the doubts too. 

How the Secure IDipNEBOSH Initiative Will Work?

  • It will work as a Platform for NEBOSH International Diploma Students to Share their doubts with fellow aspirants 
  • I will Also share my "Regular Updates and Lessons" on NEBOSH International Diploma."
  • I Will give my maximum support to clear the doubts 
  • You will Get Instant access to my materials if any thing prepared 
  • You will be assisted to learn the topics and related study sources.
I Guarantee you this Platform will make your journey easier. 

Who Can Join:

  • The Students Completed their IGC Minimum 
  • The Students enrolled and preparing for NEBOSH International Diploma from any institute.

10 Reasons, Why you should Join this platform:

  1. NEBOSH International Diploma plays huge role in job market and Institutions charge money before offering you the lectures
  2. Preparing for exams without peer support ultimately tough 
  3. You will Get complete access to Video lectures and Concepts. 
  4. I Will share you the examination Strategy, which i personally used to pass my exams.
  5. You will be assisted with online resources which you can refer and study (Completely free)
  6. You Can participate in weekly exams conducted online
  7. I will never waste your time with unwanted content and irrelevant topics 
  8. Am Not gonna ask you donations in feature :-) 
  9. You can interact with the peer members through posting doubts. 
  10. You will Get answers from fellow members for every doubt and I will be with you throughout the Journey of completion.
  11. And more .... In feature which was not yet planned :-) 

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Group is strictly restricted only to NEBOSH International Diploma Aspirants 
  • The members are not allowed to share any irrelevant content 
  • The members have to submit any of Proof (Either IGC / NEBOSH Diploma) to confirm that they are into the field. 
  • No copy righted materials will be shared in group.
  • The Group is solely created to assist the fellow aspirants not to promote any institution or courses. 
  • No advertisements will be shared in the Group.

Why These many restrictions: 

Am Going to spend my maximum time on the Group and For sure am not gonna charge any single penny  for training and support. 

This group is created fully with the mindset to support aspirants.

So as to make it sure, It reaches the right people, am taking some extra step by verifing the documents.

If you are serious NEBOSH Diploma Aspirant,

 Join me on Whatsapp: +91 99 40 10 60 58 


Frequently asked Questions

Will I Get Book materials for free?

No, I Will not share any copyrighted materials in the Group, However you will get complete access to my private Class sessions and materials for free. 

Can I Write NEBOSH Diploma Exams by Joining the Group?

You will Get complete Idea about the course and related concepts, however appearing for exams are solely different procedure for which you have to join with any of NEBOSH Accredited course Providers.

Have You Completed NEBOSH International Diploma?

Yes, I have completed years ago in first attempt.

How long this initiative will exist?

This initiative is for limited time, this 2018 initiative is only for first 200 members.

Can I Post my doubts, and videos?

Yes, all relevant content can be posted by the members.

Love to hear your feedback and opinions in comments.

Note: This Initiative is completely made to assist the NEBOSH International Diploma aspirants as a platform to discuss and share the Opinions. All the members are entitled to share related videos, articles and contents (Not copy righted). This initiative is also not created as behalf of any institution or awarding body. 


  1. 100k stars will also be less for him..
    No words to describe his talent
    Being connected with Such wonderful person is a blessing ..
    His sarcasm, his way of writing, his genuine thoughts , different vision to look at something , the un- judging nature , etc etc everything is awesome ..

    Thank u bro from the core of my heart

    1. Thank You for Your Motivation and Support bro. Was Happy to receive Your comments in the Blog :-)

  2. Hi Kannan,

    It's a really great initiative for those who want to do NEBOSH Idip but who don't know how to start.

    Once again am saluting for your initiative.

    I wish you all luck.

    1. Hi Mr.Ram

      Joining is Easy, Just Send Text to my Number in Whatsapp (99 40 10 60 58) with the required documents, You will be added in the group in 30 minutes to one hour

  3. Thank you for your dedication. You are a gem . God bless you

  4. Great initiative bro..
    I salute to your great vision. I wish you all the success in your life and in each action you perform. God bless. Keep rocking bro..


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