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3 scientific Reasons, why the birds are not getting electrocuted when they are sitting on power lines

Why does a human gets electrocuted while standing on a power line while a bird doesn't?

Do the Birds are having a amazing power  ?? 


Do they specially blessed by god ??

Here the Answers for your Queries ..

The Concept is simple and can be easily understood when you focus a little. 

 The Fact  No 1 : 

The Circuit is not completed

The Circuit needs to be completed in order to the current flow.

The Condition is that , 

The Current will flow when we are in contact with the current source and earth or earthed objects at the same time. 

Simply for the current flow , the current source , conductor (Path) and return circuit (Earth / earthed object) is essential.

Here in this situation when the birds are sitting on the power lines , the circuit is incomplete, so they won't get electrocuted. 

The Fact No 2 : 

There is no potential Difference 

The current always flows from the higher potential to the lower potential , so the concept is for the electricity to flow there must be a potential difference. 

When the birds are sitting & both legs are on a single power line, there will be no potential difference , so the current will not flow. 

The Fact No 3 :

The Current will always choose a path of least resistance 

For understanding :

The Same principle which we are using for earthing , where the least resistance wire is connected to central area of machine , which has the least resistance compared to any other components of machine. 

When there is a leakage, the fault current will flow through the earthing wire instead of machine components.

So here with this bird scenario :

The Electrons will always choose a path of least resistance , similar like a person takes short cuts to reach the area instead of the straight road with number of barriers. 

When the birds are sitting in a power line, the electrons has a two options 

  • Either it can pass through bird (high resistance)
  • Through conducting wire  (Least resistance)
In this two options , the electrons will always prefer a route of metal or conducting wire , instead of birds feet which offers the higher resistance.

When the bird will get electrocuted :

  • If the bird touch the ground while sitting on the wire  (Completeness of circuit )
  • If the Bird touch the another electrical wire with a different voltage ( Presence of potential Difference)

When the above mentioned conditions are met , the birds are become a path for the electricity to reach the ground or a place of different voltage (Potential).

Also I suggest you to read this link  

14 life-saving tips on How to React, if a Power Line Falls on Your Car?

The Best safety practitioners will share their thoughts ,

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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Are You Gonna do or Die ? Check here

Safety is a serious matter,there is a thin line of separation of being alive or dead.

In confined Space 

Do Gas test, 



While working or dealing with energy sources, 

Do Lock out Tag out (LOTO) 



While working with Chemicals 

Do read MSDS 



While working with scaffolding 

Do check Scaff tag 



While entering into hazardous atmosphere 

Do use SCBA



Lets share your comments ,

                                                 what you suggest to do & to avoid fatal .

14 life-saving tips on How to React, if a Power Line Falls on Your Car?

One of the scariest scene , that you could never imagine is that the power line falling over your car, which is active. 

What happens if the Power lines fall over my car ? 

When the power lines fall on your car / any vehicle , it charges your car or vehicle full of electricity and you will be at a greater risk of electric shock and electrical fire. 

Do there any Real incidents as you said ?

Of course , There are a number of incidents , in which the power lines felt over the car and the persons got died , because of their unfamiliarity and wrong move. 

It is not easier to escape , when the power line falls on your car , but it's possible when you know the escape tactics and tricks. 

If You wanna read some real incidents read here:

How to escape safely when the power lines fall on your car :

Drive Your Car away if possible, when you can't drive away follow this 14 life saving principles,

  1. Do not get Panic & be calm.
  2. Keep your neighbor and passengers to be calm and instruct them the safety procedures if they are not familiar with.
  3. Do not get down at any cost.
  4. Do not touch any conductors and metal components in the car such as radio. 
  5. Raise Your horn, to alert others. 
  6. Communicate others and inform them, that you are at risk.
  7. Contact emergency help line numbers, and inform the real scenario with the exact location.
  8. Remember, even you are safe inside the car from electric shock , still you are at a risk of electrical fire. 
  9. Gently Open the car door and do not touch any other parts which may act as a conductor and the root to get electrocuted. 
  10. Jump off from the car and land on both feet at the same time. 
  11. Do not run , you will get electrocuted. 
  12. Remember , you are not safe, once you evacuated from the car,the electric current can arc up to 10 feet from the car.
  13. Walk by dragging one's feet along or without lifting them fully from ground 
  14. Stay away from the car.

Tip :

  • Throw a rubber car mat about 3 feet (about 1 meter) away from the car. When you jump, aim to land on the mat. The rubber material will act as an insulator as well and will keep you safe.

See This Videos , which You can help You to understand ??

If you are confused , watch this below videos to check , how the crane operator escapes from the crane , which is contacted with overhead power lines.

What You suggest other to follow , when the power line falls on car / vehicle  ??

Leave your expert suggestions, into comments 

Friday, 26 August 2016

Which Should You Study : NEBOSH International Diploma or NEBOSH National Diploma? ? ?

Every successful safety practitioner wants to enhance their career with international safety courses, recently I heard the doubt from my colleagues"What is the difference between NEBOSH National Diploma Vs NEBOSH International Diploma" and which one is best for me?

If you are a professional with the confusion to choose this Nebosh Diploma course after completion of NEBOSH IGC this blog is made for you.

The Major and key differences between Nebosh National diploma and Nebosh international diploma are the applicability of legal Requirements.

In NEBOSH National Diploma :

The Syllabus and examinations are framed based on the regulations in U.K and will be most valuable when you are looking to start your career in European countries. 

In NEBOSH International Diploma :

The Syllabus of NEBOSH International Diploma is formed based on the International conventions and recommendations and their core requirements relate to health and safety.

1.e the syllabus will be formed based on the requirements of 

  • International Labor organisation ( ILO ) Code of practice 
  • International Labor organisation ( ILO ) HSMS Model  "Guidelines on Occupational Safety and Health Management Systems" (ILO-OSH 2001
  • ILO Conventions and recommendations 

For Example : 

The Regulation which Requires the employer to provide the safe workplace , safe equipment , safe system of work to eliminate or control the hazards in the workplace. 

In U.K - Health and Safety at work Act 1974.

In ILO - Occupational Safety and Health Convention, 1981 (No. 155).

Hint : Most of the times the requirements will be same , but the name of regulations will  differ.

Conclusion :

The Choice of NEBOSH National Diploma and NEBOSH International Diploma is purely depends on the country in which you are looking for a career. 

To Get More Details about NEBOSH International Diploma syllabus and other details : Click here 

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Top 4 Safety Blogs, every safety Manager should read

If you are a safety manager , stay up to date with the safety standards is essential , when i searched out google , i found a thousands of websites related to safety.

Its Awesome , but however , where can i get the right information.

Finding a right information on google is not easier , i often confused with the information which i found in google .

Do you believe ? ? ?

Most of the websites in online are misleading , when it comes to health and safety , the information about standards and safety procedures are critical .

You can't realize after the accident .

After a lot of research , I made this blog to help you. which will guide you in a right way.

1. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

OSHA - The Website, which every safety officers and safety practitioner should read.

The OSHA Standards is followed by most of the Companies for each activity which they perform.

If you are curious to learn safety with the exact standards this website is made for you.

Official Link : OSHA

2.Health and Safety Executive 


HSE - The Official websites of Great Britain enforcing authorities , where you can find the right information.

If you are preparing for any u.k based examinations , this will be a great gift for you.

Stay up to date with the clear information about  health and safety requirements. 

Official Link : Health and safety Executive 

3.Canadian center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS)

CCOHS - The awesome website, where you can find an in-depth information about every health and safety requirements. 

Trust me , here you can learn everything . 

Official Website : CCOHS 

4.WorkSafe BC : 

Work Safe BC - The Website where you can learn the workplace safety concepts and health and safety videos with excellent guidance. 

If you are a person curious to stay up-to date with workplace safety, It's my gift for you. 

Official Website : Worksafe bc

Lets Comment , 

Which website you will use, to stay up to date with Health and Safety ? 

Does this Post , really helpful to you ?

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Excavation safety OSHA Standards - The Ultimate Guide

Remembering safety Concepts with standards will be difficult , especially when you are an student , here i have let you some excellent tips , which you can use to remember the Excavation safety OSHA Standards.


A Qualified and Competent person must inspect the Excavation / trench before staring the work and throughout the work in progress to confirm the safety. 


To reduce the risk of falling of objects , materials, dislodging of soil into the excavation , the materials and removed soil must be kept away at least 2 Feet away from the excavation edges.


The Ladders used inside the excavation / trench must extent at least 3 feet above the top of the trench / excavation to provide adequate handhold. 


  • When the Excavation or trench is more than 4 feet depth , the safe means of access / egress must be provided such as ladders , stair ways etc. 
  • When the Excavation is 4 feet or more than 4 feet the atmosphere must be tested for the chances of oxygen deficiency & presence of hazardous fumes and gases. 


The Excavation  less than 5 feet  in depth , do not require the protective systems , if the competent person determined and confirms there is no potential for cave-in.


The walkways provided over the excavation which is more than 6 feet, must be fitted with the standard Guard rails.

 Also Update yourself with :

11 Deadly confined space hazards that every safety officers should know - Complete Guide

Friday, 12 August 2016

Why Your Workplace Safety Never Works Out the Way You Plan

Health and safety , the most critical and lovable department which works to safeguard the employees who works for you and shows you are the person capable of doing the business in right way.

Health and safety of your employees not only reducing your business losses , but more than that, It shows you value the person working for you and create a moral , loyalty among your employees also it increases your corporate value.

But Is it easier to achieve the high standards of workplace safety ? ? ?

No , Isn't  ?  ?  ?

If you are person becoming confused of "Why Your Workplace Safety Never Works Out the Way I Plan " this article is for you.

Reason 1 : The workers don't understand 

Nope , Its not mean the same , to drive a positive safety culture, and to increase your safety standards you must understand the workers.

Of course each workers are not same, but their expectations will be common , particularly when it comes to health and safety.

It does no't mean that to do everything , what the workers asks , but It means to listen , analyse and consider their concerns.

Unless the workers are motivated to follow safety standards , we unable to reach the high health and safety performance.

Reason 2 : Zero accidents is my only target 

The Second reason for the failure of your workplace safety may , the unclear targets & goals relates to the Health and Safety. 

Yes of course , we are working working towards zero accidents , but the goals should be set in way which follows the SMART principles. 

Blindly shouting zero accidents will never works out.

Unless you know , what is your goal , towards which you will move we unable to reach the target.
So set the goal which is measurable,achievable , but remember it should be Challenging too. 

For Example : Reduction of 10 % manual handling injuries in six months. 

Reason 3 : Everyone is responsible for Safety 

Yes everyone is responsible safety , but for which they are responsible . Unless w are setting the clear roles and responsibilities for everyone in the organisation , we unable to reach the high level of safety performance .

So make sure each category of employees are familiar with their own roles and responsibilities related to Health and Safety. 

Reason 4 : I won't Invest & but i Expect

I mean the " unreliable resources "

Health and safety costs money, Health and safety is not a thing which we can get without any costs. 

But , I assure , the right plan and right HSMS can increase your business and corporate image more than the expectation which you have in mind right now. 

So for the high standards of health and safety performance and increased corporate image , we should invest in to safety , there is no other way. 

Reason 5 : I invest in Safety slogans 

Yes , of course the display of safety slogans will show that you are investing into safety , but the high standards of health and safety cannot be attained by the slogans. 

It must be carefully planned and practiced until it becomes your permanent culture. 

Slogans will never show to workers that you are caring them , because they are the one who knows how you behave related to safety. 

Even a single incident , where you compromise for a production , in a peak times, they looses their moral.

Reason 6 : I won't measure , but i invest 

Health and safety departments are the cost effective and always profitable investments when it planned and executed in a right way. 

Measuring your performance  such as reduction is accidents , absenteeism , criminal fines , civil claims , staff turn over is essential. 

But before measuring check out  " YOU HAVE A COMPETENT PERSON WHO KNOWS WELL "

Reason 7 : I tried a lot , But no one will follows safety 

Safety is not similar like production , where we can replace the workers with machine , when they follows , but it's a thing where we needs to deal with everything workers , electrical ,mechanical,environmental hazards,noise, radiation etc etc. 

So I understand you have tried a lot , but safety is not a issue , which we can reach in a day , It requires a time and continuous efforts. 

So be confidant , that you can !  

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Are you killing your employees - 10 Common misconceptions about Health and Safety

This Guide is especially for the employers , aspiring safety practitioners.

Surviving in the business , Isn't easy , to survive in business or job you must update your self before you runs out of business.

Though you are earning a good amount through business , It's important to control the unnecessary business loss to improve your Profit margin.

How ?  ? ? ?

Here i have listed you 10 common misconception among the employer , employees and safety practitioner , which may spoil the complete organisation safety culture .

If you have any of the one mentioned below , change it asap , YOU ARE KILLING YOUR EMPLOYEES !

Misconception 1 :Workers causes accidents 

The First and foremost misconception , that every safety practitioners and employer should avoid is that " worker causes accidents " . 

Of course i agree the workers unsafe activities and violations may result in accidents, but before that we should remember , the legal requirements places duty over every employer to control the human error and violations through careful design of work environment. 

So the conclusion is that the worker will never cause a accident , but the primary failures such as employing unskilled laborers, lack of training , lack of enforcement of safety rules,poorly maintained / unsafe equipment's , failure of health and safety Management systems are causing the accidents.

Misconception 2 : It Won't happen to me 

Remember the accidents and fatalities are common to everyone , no one is exception here. The study & most of the research says , as the experience increases the carelessness and overconfidence also increases. 

So It's always better to remember the accidents can happen at any time and by any reasons.

Misconception 3 : Safety = PPE 

The common misconception that exist among every common individuals are , the like the meaning of safety = PPE . 

Of course the Personal protective equipment's are having an important role in safety but they are the only part of safety . 

More than that , most technical controls are remains such as SIL , HAZOP , Hierarchy of risk controls, which we needs to consider before choosing PPE.

Misconception 4 : Safety is an Common sense

We accept , the common sense having their own role in the prevention of accidents but more than that , the common knowledge alone will not helps to prevent the accidents. 

That's why the industries are investing a huge amount in job specific training , unless you don't know how to perform a job , you can't do it safely. 

Misconception 5 :Zero accidents are not Possible 

Do the zero accidents are possible ?

 If yes - you are right . 

If No - You are right . 

It;s mostly based on your mentality . 

Almost all the accidents can be prevented by the careful design of workplace , work equipment's , the use of suitably trained and competent workers and rigorous health and safety policies. 

Misconception 6 :Health and Safety costs a lot & Less benefit 

If you are an employer , or part of the management team with this mentality, you should change asap. 

The histories says, there are number of cases , where the company runs out of business in an single accidents. 

Though you are earning a good amount from your business,

Its useless if you are not controlling the unnecessary business loss like repair costs , insurance claims , criminal fines etc. 

That's the main reason , why the corporate and best industries are investing a lot in health and safety.

Misconception 7 : My company with Minimal risk  So - No Safety Department

No one is exception here , every companies are under the legal requirements , to maintain and control their risks to an acceptable level . 

If you are in the influence of the above mentioned concepts , change it now , 

Most of the Catastrophic accidents are occurred by the combination of minor failures. 

Fire accidents are common to every industries ,So beware of business losses before it occurs.

Misconception 8 : I have Insured everything - So No safety Department

" The HSE estimates that the ratio between insured and uninsured costs lies in the range of £1:£8 to £1:£36. "

Accidents causes a business loss a lot, through indirect business losses, you should be familiar with the different types of uninsured costs that may results such as Hiring of new employee , provision of training , investigation time , sick pay , overtime costs etc. 

Misconception 9 : No accidents = High H & S Performance 

If the accidents won't happen , its really great , that's the one , we every one work's for . But don't be lethargic the accidents are happening by a minor chances . 

Also the accidents alone will never indicates your H & S performance.

If you wants to measure your health and safety performance, measure with complete Outputs.

Misconception 10 : Punish & Fine & Regulate 

If you are an employer or safety practitioner trying to regulate the health and safety by the punishment of wrong doers, probably the It won't work . 

Of course the Punishments will make your workers to be fear of , but that's not a one which we are expecting. 

Workers will do the work safely ,

  • when they familiar with the safety procedures , 
  • when they knew the importance of health and safety. 

But the punishments will never do it.

So its appreciable to choose the method , which may influence your workers

for example : Behavioral based safety

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