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Great, You have proved your Intention to becoming an expert and That's the prime to becoming an expert.

Now a Days,most of the professionals and students from different academic background were starting their career into an Health and Safety Field.

Starting an Career and Getting an Job with satisfied income, is not mean that you have owned your life and you have achieved the things you have expected.

Normally the people tend to underestimate them, and we never realize the things we have learned already and their Importance.

Over the past few years, I Got trained, Given a training's, Discussed with a bundle of HSE Professionals, I blogged , Chatted with the friends and Listened on various social medias and finally i realized something, that most of the HSE Professionals they Knew a lot compared to what they think they are,

So, Here i have listed you the "11 Great Signs, you are Going to be an Safety Expert"

You are a Goose ?

Yes, The Real safety Professionals will never tend to be overconfident on their existing knowledge, and  even if they are experienced a lot, they tend to read , ask and update on an regular manner.

They will ask and seek advice, when they are not familiar with something, they do knew their limitations of skills.

They will never hesitate to be an goose for an moment rather than to be an goose forever.

You Believe:

The Real safety Experts will believe that irrespective of the situations in the company / Industry , all the accidents are preventable and even they do every actions with full trust on them. 

They never doubt / complain their situation / Company / Environment they are into.

You "Break the ICE "

If you are a person, wish to initiate the things without any fear and if you are into an HSE Profession, than No doubt you are meant to be an Safety expert. 

Achieving something into health and safety is not like running an old music and lyrics, that requires the great initiation and leadership to advise, assist and safeguard others.

You are Hungrier?

If you are never overfilled and reading everything you find in Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn related to safety, Probably by now or at least in a year you will know 60% of information, what the average professionals will not Knew. 

If You are Hungrier always, than i can assure you that you will be.

You Do have More Credentials:

The Successful people in any field, are crazy on reading and updating themselves with the information's, Even i have experienced with the professionals, who were appearing for an exam and undertaking an courses even after their 60.

Safety Experts will never shout that they are experts and Instead they will prove by taking authority credentials like NEBOSH Diploma , CSP etc.

You Can Demonstrate Your Expertise:

The Safety experts will never hide their expertise and they never wait for proving so, also they do never read and leave the things as it is. 

Instead they will apply and try out the superb controls for the real time issues at the workplace. 

If You are more curious on applying new safety strategies in the workplace, than No doubt you are an expert.

You love Critics:

Being into an HSE Field, from safety officers to the safety managers everyone should come after the thousands of critics every day. 

Even You may experienced the critics from the subordinates and workers. 

The Real safety experts knows, the critics are the way of communication of issues and it will show the way of changing strategies too. 

They will never get hurt-ted by the critics and they won't take it personally, Instead they will analyse , find out and raise up.

If you love critics and you have faced enough things, You mean't to be an expert Now. 

You Never Trust on PPE :

The PPE will never prevent an accidents and even in cases they lead to accidents (Simply like an helmet hiding an rear &side views) . 

The Real safety experts will never consider the PPE as prime for controlling risks instead they will check for more effective options.

 You believe "Workers are the King" 

Till the shop floor employees realize the importance of safety, the accidents will never get prevented, the real safety experts will understand a lot and device more strategies to influence the workers behavior. 

They will never show an authority to their workers and Experts will make them to realize "They are their own assets"

You are Passionate :

The Successful people will never get satisfied by an income and all those peoples who succeeded are did with Passion.

The Passionate people will love their field. and they do everything for only their internal Satisfaction and they will feel refreshed when ever learning a new tip / strategy.

If you do same, the you may probably guessed who you are ?

Conclusion : If you do have Two or more qualities above mentioned, you  meant to be an Safety Expert.

What other qualities that the safety experts would have, Leave your Opinions in Comments


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Chemical , an major challenge in current industries, managing chemicals in the workplace is critical, hence each chemical would have a different properties.

The MSDS Of the chemical is prepared by various toxicological studies including animal testing and various in vitro and in vivo studies.

The MSDS (Material Safety Data sheets) are the backbone behind the chemical safety,based on which the control measures must be derived.

The Chemicals are hazardous from the reception to the usage,storage,cleaning,disposal and throughout its entire life span.

The Employers are having an legal duty to seek MSDS from the suppliers and to pass the safety information's to the workforce involving in an chemical.

As per OSHA , Hazard communication standard ( 29 CFR,1910.1200(g)) revised in 2012, requires the manufacturer, supplier,importers to provide MSDS for each users to communicate the hazards. 
Being Familiar with the content of MSDS is essential for every safety practitioner, in order to protect the industry and workforce from the chemical hazards.

The HSE Studies says, 
Around 13,000 deaths each year from occupational lung disease and cancer are estimated to have been caused by past exposures at work, primarily to chemicals and dusts.

The ILO Studies Says,
1.1 million people who worked during the last year were suffering from an illness (long-standing as well as new cases) they believed was caused or made worse by their current or past work. 0.5 million of these were new conditions which started during the year.
A further 0.7 million former workers (who last worked over 12 months ago) were suffering from an illness which was caused or made worse by their past work. 2347 people died from mesothelioma in 2010 and thousands more from other occupational cancers and diseases such as COPD.
Hence managing chemical safety is looks tough, its really easy when we understand the MSDS and their inherent contents.

If you are seeking for an easiest guide to MSDS, This post will really help you a lot.

Information 1.Identification of Product & Manufacturer :

This section will contain the name of product along with the details of manufacturer or supplier with phone number. 

Also the Recommended and restricted use of the chemicals will also be described for example : Paint. 

Information 2 :Hazards Identification  

The Hazardous properties of the chemicals from one to another will vary and not all the chemicals will pose same degree of hazard to the human. 

The Chemicals which is capable of causing cancer is cancer compared to the chemical capable of causing an allergy. 

In this section, the information will detail, the nature of hazard ( Toxic, corrosive, irritant, Mutagen ), with simple hazardous statements and pictographs. 

Example : Highly corrosive / Flammable 

Information 3 : Composition & Information of Ingredients :

The chemicals are made up of composition of various chemicals and each having their own hazardous nature with it self. 

This section describes the various chemicals used during manufacturing with their respective percentage of chemicals used. 

Simply, In every biscuits and chocolates cover you can find the various substance used for manufacturing along with their percentage of use. 

Information 4 :First Aid Measures :

The First aid response for every chemical incident from the splash burn to the splash on eyes will vary based on the nature of chemicals and the area of injury / exposure occurred. 

This section will contain the description of , 

  • Various symptoms of exposure (Acute / delayed ) by various route of entry
  • The Type of medical treatment needs to be given.
  • This section will guide you on the requirement of safety showers, eyewash stations and other first aid kits that necessary. 

Information 5 : Fire Fighting Measures :

This section will have a information of its fire hazards and the type of fire extinguishers that should be used in case of fire. 

Not all the chemicals will behave in a same way during fire, this section will also describe the additional information on behavior during an fire. 

Based on this section of chemical, You can select the type of fire extinguisher required and you can install in a right position. 

Information 6 : Accidental Release Measures

Irrespective of the amount of storage of chemical, the likelihood of  spill and accidental release will never be zero. 

When the spill of chemical occurs , will affect the employees nearby and will pose risk to the environment through mixing with drains and water sources. 

This section will describe, the action and preventative measures that must be taken, in case of accidental release of chemical , which include, 
  • The Personal Protection during an spill 
  • Need for evacuation and contacting external emergency services 
  • The Restoration measures 
  • The Need for Bunding , adsorbent materials , neutralizers , 
  • Method of decontamination and cleaning to be adopted.

Information 7 :Handling & Storage :

Handling and storage procedures for every chemicals would be different from other, some chemicals would have special storage conditions and handling procedures to minimize the risk. 

This section will have a details of , 
  • Controls to be taken during handling of chemicals 
  • The Storage Conditions including the Atmospheric temperature to be adopted 
  • The Need for any special ventilation and bunding etc. 

Information 8 : Exposure Control & Personal Protection

The level of risk will increase when the employees are exposed above the safe limits specified by the manufacturer / regulatory bodies (Ex: PEL / WEL / OEL / TLV)

and when the chemicals are used with inadequate / poor personal protective equipment's, 

This section will detail, 
  • Below which the exposure should be controlled 
  • The Type of personal protective equipment's to be used and their special properties like breakthrough time and permeation rate for glove. 
  • The Engineering controls ( Local exhaust ventilation / Dilution ventilation) to be adopted.

Information 9 : Physical & Chemical Properties 

The Physical & Chemical property of the substance is the important aspect that decides the level of risk to the employees 

For Example 

The Substance with higher flash point is safer than the substance with lower flash points 

The Substance in the form of powder is high riskier than the the chemical in solid form

The Chemical with high evaporation rate is hazardous than the chemical with lower evaporation rate. 

This section will give a clear indication of various chemical properties , which include the information about, 

  • Fire Point , 
  • Flash Point 
  • Auto ignition Temperature 
  • Evaporation rate 
  • Physical property ( Liquid / Solid)
  • LEL & UEL 
  • Solubility  etc. 
Which is an valid and important information, that should be considered during an risk assessment. 

Information 10 :  Stability & Reactivity :

When two chemicals are mixed together , their properties will change, either one chemical will increase the toxicity of another or will decrease. 
In some cases the resulting toxicity will be higher than the sum of individual chemicals, which pose greater risk to the Human lives.

Also the chemicals will not maintain the same physical form ( Liquid / Solid) in all atmospheric temperature and pressure. 

The Chemical in Liquid form will be hazardous when used in high temperature sufficient to generate vapor that cause risk by inhalation. 

This Section will Contain the Details of , 
  • The Atmospheric conditions to be maintained during use and storage
  • The Incompatible materials to be avoided 
  • The Special stabilizers needed to maintain the properties 
  • The Indication of possible hazardous reaction during mixed with incompatible materials like explosion, high pressure release, heat etc.

 Information 11 : Toxicological Information

The Chemicals will have an different impact on human body, some chemical would cause allergy and some chemicals would even cause cancer and hereditary defects.  

Based on the type of potential harm only,we can decide the level of risk and the level of controls needed to prevent harm. 

This section will detail
  • The Various route of entry ( Inhalation, Ingestion, skin absorption) and acute, chronic health effects 
  • with numerical information on toxicity like LD 50 , OEL , STEL etc. 

 Information 12 : Ecological Information:

The Chemicals are not only hazardous to the human lives, also it pose risk to other living organisms and land, water, and air . 

This section will have an clear detail of , 

  • The level of toxicity it pose to human  
  • The Potential for the substance to move from the soil to the ground water 
  • The Adverse effects like Ozone layer depletion potential, Global warming potential etc. 

Information 13 : Disposal Considerations 

Not all the chemicals can be disposed in a same way, some chemicals will accompany with an legal requirements that must be followed. 

For example an asbestos must be disposed by the licensed contractor and in an licensed land filling sites with double baggage.

So this section will detail, 
  • The Type of Disposal method to be adopted 
  • Any special precautions required during land filling and incineration's 

Information 14 : Transportation Information:

This section will describe any special precautions needed related to the transportation of chemicals from the road to the marine etc. 

Also It describes the measures to be adopted during the transportation of chemicals within and outside the premises. 

Information 15 : Regulatory Information 

Every countries having their own legal requirements relates to health and safety, which must be followed by the employers in order to avoid criminal fines and other legal actions.

This section will describe the details of legal requirements applicable to the particular chemical from the storage limits to the special controls suggested by legal. 

Information 16 : Other Information

The Other Information section of MSDS will contain any abbreviations used and the date of last version and the date of MSDS preparation etc.

Concept & Conclusion : By using an MSDS alone, you can formulate all the controls in your industry respect to chemical safety.

Leave your opinions and experience about chemical safety in Comments

Achieving zero harm is the motto of HSE, but Does it possible.

If Possible, How?

Till we realize the facts, we could never achieve it.

The Major industries invests a lot to achieve "zero harm", Does it possible ?

If you are overwhelmed that you have achieved "Zero harm" in your Industry, you must be read this shocking principles that you should realize before causing an harm.

Here i have listed you, 11 Shocking and factual reasons that makes zero harm final declarations difficult.

1.Accidents are Unplanned: 

The Accidents are unplanned, the prime obstacle, which makes the zero harm difficult. Till the safety practitioners realize this simple principle, there won't be real zero harm. There are always an ways to reduce the residual risks. and there are always the chances for accidents. 

The Risk will never be zero. 

The Zero harm could never be finalized. 

2.Everyone is Unique:

Every one in this world is unique, and every humans are having different character, attitude, believes and perceptions.

Every body in the organisation, will not understand the safety principles in same way. 

The Zero harm is only possible, when the safety principles are developed with varying characters in mind. 

And developing a safety principle, that suits to every person in the industry, is really an major challenge.

3.The Peoples Move, Move & Move always 

The employees will move often and there always be a staff turn over rate in the industries. 

There always an involvement of trainees,visitors, customers in the industries. 

The Industries are facing a huge difficulties to control the staff turn over rates, and when the employees move and competency gaps exists the chance of har

Which makes the things harder.

4.There is No 100 % Competence

The things will change and there always an improvements. A method which is safe today, will be ineffective when the condition changes.

  • The Equipment's will worn by use
  • The methods will loose their effectiveness.

Remember : Irrespective of the nature of job, always there will be an competency gaps that needs to be identified and filled. 

5.The Risk is Never be Zero :

 Even after the implementation of all the controls , always the residual risk will present,and the probability of accidents will never be zero. 

When there is a risk, there will be a risk of harm.

6.Eliminating all the hazards are not possible

We can replace one hazard with another type, for example manual handling replaced with mechanical lifting and handling. 

But Industry will always have an hazard and hazardous interactions which can cause harm. 

7.Really,We are Working on most hazardous Industry:

All the Actions in HSE is planned as per the current scientific evidence, technologies,studies and the current legal requirements which is subject to change. 

The Asbestos which used, a years ago , is now determined as most hazardous , As days move and the technology improves, the results of research will prove that, 

The Methods, substances and equipment's we adopted are most hazardous.

8.The People's cannot be programmed

Can you assure? that you will do the job in a same way till your Death / entire work cycle. 

The human behavior will change and will not be same in all the situations. 

The Behavior of the human / work force is the outcome of various inputs like work rate,work relationship, personal situation and etc. 

The Human errors could never be eliminated, and the peoples cannot be programmed. 

9.No Controls are 100 % Effective:

  • We cannot eliminate the entire hazards in industry
  • The Engineering controls will fail by time and poor design, manufacturing & maintenance 
  • The Training may not influence all the attendees
  • The PPE will not prevent the accidents
  • There is no guarantee for Safety Signs
All the controls, we employed are having their merits and limitations which must be identified and used account of that. 

10.The Harms are Hided :

You may declare that you achieved an Zero harm , but you could never guarantee that all the incidents are reported. 

The Statistics says, the workforce are more tend to hide the minor injuries.

Till the 100 % reporting achieved, the zero harm is not possible.

11.Zero harm is never Finalized :

Zero harm is never finalized, till the operations takes place and industries run,there always chances for harm. 

You Could never give a final declaration for "Zero harm" 

Simply, Zero harm is an aim , which has no endings & time scale.

Conclusion : The Risk of harm is always exits and we could never decide , that we have achieved the zero harm , and it has never ending. The Human behavior is the major obstacle that stand before the zero harm. Finally celebrate the "Zero harm" you have achieved, but never get satisfied with the temporary results.

Drop Your Views about Zero harm & Zero Accidents in comments.